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Women in Mandingo organizations have direct impact than men/ in-house fighting is “wasteful spending”- B.T.

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Bangalee Trawally Photo Credit, Lassana Bamba

Bangalee Trawally
Photo Credit, Lassana Bamba

Crystal, Minnesota- The president of the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA is calling for the empowerment women in various Mandingo organizations.

Mr. Bangalee Trawally said, comparing to men, the function of women in Mandingo organizations have direct impact.

He narrated that women should not be left alone to shy away from key functions, but they need empowerment that would encourage them to be self-confident in whatever they do.

Speaking about his candidacy for the position of president for FELMAUSA, during his inaugural ceremony held on West Broadway in Crystal, Minnesota, Mr. Trawally disclosed that in-fighting is not new in Liberian organizations.

He noted that most of the in-fighting go to court which results into what he calls “wasteful spending.”

Giving the level of chaos within FELMAUSA prior to his ascendency to the highest office of the single largest Mandingo organization, the FELMAUSA President noted that he humbled himself not as a sign of weakness, but as a way of unifying the community.

This was in direct reference to his candidacy which was marred by chaos when his home-based chapter, Minnesota refused to grant him clearance based on policy difference with then Bility led FELMAUSA.

Mr. Bangalee Trawally thanked delegates at the 2013 FELMAUSA convention for their trust and support accorded him. He also thanked the election commission Chairman, Vamuyan Sirleaf, under whose watch he was selected president.

Outlining his plans for FELMAUSA, he underscored that peace building will be his first task as president of FELMAUSA.

He called on Associate Justice, Kabenih J’annah, Imam Mohamed Dukuly, Musa Keita of Canada and other peace minded people to join him in finding truce between the two Arizona Mandingo associations.

Mr. Trawally said, the two Arizona Mandingo associations leaders who are currently gracing his inauguration should not be allowed to return without forming one organization that would navigate the affairs of Mandingoes in that part of the United States.

Mr. Bangalee Trawally is calling on his kinsmen to reflect on how they were treated in pre-war Liberia by those who detested them; with this on mind, he believes the success of Mandingoes in Liberia is sure.

After donating nearly 5.5 million United States dollars’ worth of free medical supply to Liberians, President Bangalee Trawally vowed to maintain the FELMAUSA Medical to Liberia. Analytically, something is not clear about the medical mission, how will the medical mission continue in the absence of the 501 (C) which was suspended under the Mohamed Bility administration?

This is the million dollar question on the lips of many who follow the FELMAUSA Medical Mission, whether that question deserves an answer or not, that is something the B.T. administration might want to look into.





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