Friday 19th January 2018,


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“Wologizi Mountain isn’t historic shrine, but concession contract to use it must better the lives of the people of Lofa” Rep. Kparkar

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Henry Karmo, Monrovia, Liberia – Representative Eugene Fallah Kparkar (Liberty Party- District #1, Lofa County) has said, he is not against reaching an agreement awarding a concession contract for control of the Wologizi Mountain. He said it should be done to benefit the people of the County especially in addressing the road challenge they face.

According to Representative Kparkar, companies interested in investing in the Wologizi Mountain must be prepared to construct the Lofa Road in a U form, something he said is the county’s trump card.


Representative Eugene Fallah Kparkar (Liberty Party- District #1, Lofa County) Photo provided by Calmah Mulabah

He said if constructed according to plan, the road will run from Montserrado County to Menekoma, Vahum through Bomi Hills, thus making traveling to Lofa shorter and easier. “This will be our major trump card. The road is something that we need because if you look at the Government Development agenda road is the government Priority but despite many feasibility studies nothing has been done on our road,” he said.

He added that, “We are not saying that the Mountain should be a Historic shrine as other people were insinuating. The mountain is an asset, but it should be used to better the lives of the people and the cardinal thing that the people need is a road.” 

The Rep. also promised that in his current position as Chair of the House committee on Investment and Concession, he will work to strengthen the county bid in advocacy, but said he knows the status of alleged attempts by Indian Steel Company JINIDAL to invest.

In 2014, news about mining in the Wologizi Mountain by JINIDAL as being among companies that submitted bids for the takeover of the Wologizi Mountain was not welcome by some members of the Lofa County legislative caucus. At the time, the company promised to provide thermal power to the country at an affordable price. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in her 2014 state of the nation address said the power plant bill for JINIDAL is one of the legislations that will be submitted to the legislature for passage into law.

In her annual address before the joint session of the National legislature, President Sirleaf said, “We intend to submit several new bills, in particular: A Bill to ratify a Power Purchase Agreement and an Implementation Agreement between Jindal Corporation and Government for the construction of a 175 MW coal power plant.”

Speaking on completed work at the legislature in collaboration with other Caucus members, lawmaker Kapekar said, the county has mobilized over $68 thousand Liberian dollars to begin the construction of a 100 bedroom community hospital.

As part of his advocacy, Rep. Kparkar also disclosed that the county will shortly benefit from the launch of the biggest radio station in the county, which will broadcast as far as Kendema in Sierra Leone and Guinea.

According to him the Radio will be used to broadcast peace messages among citizens of the county, especially in tribal tension areas. He said as part of his efforts to assist  the people of his district, he has provided several bundles of zincs to families who were victims of a storm disaster in Lofa County.


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