Sunday 25th February 2018,


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With Ebola, cross-infection is the major problem, disinfect with Iodine

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Richard Kane, Philadelphia, PA – If one disinfected with Povidone-Iodine and Silver-Nitrate, it would be something like having table salt scattered around. But with Ebola cross-infection, it is a bigger problem, and bleach cleaning is the poorest way to avoid cross infection.

Africans are being taught during this dier emergency to go against tradition and keep ones distance from a sick relative.

China said due to a dire emergency, there could be only one child per families. Now the people on the mainland aren’t willing to have two despite government bonus’s. Will the warm and vibrant African traditions ever return the extended families shared meals and warm touch?

One glimmer of good news Dr Geroge Risi reported is the sick helping each other, the healthier family members helping those worse off. The lives of several babies were saved.

Somewhere in more remote Africa being lectured about hi gene Ebola survivors with immunity are taking care of sick relatives in a totally traditional manner; as long as they are kept hydrated and given better care than in the crowded centers.

Why can’t survivors in the tech center world learn from their examples. It is hard to get close to their clogged phone and email, will someone reading this forward it to them? More … 


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