Sunday 25th February 2018,


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Western Christian commentators having field day over ISIS, who does ISIS represent? Commentary by M. Sherif

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Mohamed Sherif, Pennsylvania – Western Christian commentators are having a field day over the despicable and horrific malcontents known as ISIS or ISIL.

Photo credit: Technical

Photo credit: Technical

The Middle Eastern outfit continues to carry out grotesque acts of violence against anyone who does not conform to their twisted interpretation of Islam. ISIL continues to carry out wholesome murders of Muslims and Christians.

Some of their victims include Shiites, Kurds and Azides. Beheadings and mass executions are ISIL’s trademarks. What rational being watches ISIL’s execution videos and not get sick by the sheer magnitude of their terror?

Ever since ISIL bursts onto the scene, they’ve occupied large swaths of land, slicing off parts of eastern Syria and most of Northern Iraq along the Euphrates River in their misguided drive to erecting an Islamic caliphate.

All of which makes for decent talking points for biased Western commentators who are having a field day. ISIL is feeding their gargantuan appetite and there is no shortage of Islamophobes waiting to lambast all of Islam for the acts of a few misguided terror gangs looking for riches at the expense of religion.

A recent television discussion got very overheated very fast. TV host Bill Maher and author Sammy Harris suggested that the vast majority of Muslims approve ISIL’s inhumane conducts.

Sammy Harris points to the Quran as the source of ISIL’s violence. But actor Ben Affleck disagreed and rightfully called their accusations racists. Affleck, a true progressive, disagreed with Maher and Sammy Harris. The extreme Christian right-wing fanatics are doubling down on Affleck.

What are they thinking? I asked Sammy Harris in a message left on his blog. Maybe all the talking heads and right-wing Christian and Jewish commentators must have forgotten the Ku Klux Klan, Christianity’s version of ISIL. Or haven’t they?

In their heydays, the Klan butchered and burned thousands of black people in America. Don’t we have Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda? The LRA has been ravaging villages in Uganda for at least two decades. Joseph Korny wants to institute Christian theocracy in Uganda. Why aren’t we discussing Korny?

Who does the Klan represent? White America? Maybe Christians? Who does ISIL represent? Not Islam when they are also murdering Muslims en masse.


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