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“We shall defend our rights with our last blood.” Liberian Muslim youth organization warns

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A group known as the Bong Muslim Youth Association is warning the government of Liberia not to tramp on its right by declaring the secular West African nation a Christian State.

Liberia Muslim Youths in Gbarnga, Bongo County

Liberia Muslim Youths in Gbarnga, Bongo County

The group said any attempt to Christianize Liberia would be a gross violation of the Liberian constitution, and it would do whatever it takes to defend its right.

The group’s Vice Chairman for Operations, Mohammad Sheriff told Bamba 1 News that views shared by Jowel Howard Taylor, Senator of Bong County, and other none-peace loving Liberians are counterproductive to the peace the West African State enjoys.

According to Sheriff, Jowel Howard Taylor is attempting to foment another war in Liberia by introducing a bill that calls for Liberia to be declared a Christian nation.

Sheiff said, if passed into law, the bill would make Liberian Muslims second class citizens in their country of birth. “There’s no way that we will sit for this to happen” He added.

He said those advocating for the christianization of Liberia are on the brink of introducing religious war in the country. He said prior to her departure from Gbarnga on Monday, President Sirleaf cautioned both sides to be mindful and discuss issues that promotes peace and unity.

He disclosed that the Speaker of the House of Representative, Alex Tyler, further promised that issue number 24, which is based on the Christianization of Liberia, shouldn’t be maintained on the agenda for discussion, but to contrary, it was discussed and views expressed by Muslims were completely squashed off the list by the Constitution Review Commission.


Liberia Muslim Youths in Gbarnga, Bongo County

This according to him infuriated members of the Muslim community to organize a peaceful demonstration at the administrative headquarters in Gbarnga, central Liberia.

According to report, a day after the peaceful demonstration, armed men were dispatched to secure the area while the meeting continue without the participation of the Muslim delegation.

Despite the abstinence  of the Muslim delegation, the Daily Observer newspaper in its April 3, 2015 edition captioned, Gbarnga CRC Conference Delegates Endorse ‘Christian Nation’ Proposal,” is reporting that Liberia’s Vice President, Joseph Boakai has “Discribed” the process “Free, fair and transparent and signified the voice of the Liberian people.”

We contacted the head of the National Muslim Council of Liberia, Sheick Kafumba Konneh, who said he’s awaiting the end of the meeting in Bong County before making public comments.

Posters carried by the youth organization on Tuesday read, “We shall defend our rights with our last blood.”

A television reporter, Josephus Natende, who was in Gbarnga at the time told Bamba 1 Radio that he does not see “Better” for the future of Liberia.


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  • As a chairman of this group we believed strongly that Unity and tolerance must be prioritize over division and conflict

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