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Walk in Their Shoes and Donate: Sherif reacts to “Mamadee Sesay’s unwise claims”

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Mohamed Sherif of Philadelphia

Mr. Mohamed Sherif of Philadelphia

Mohamed Sherif, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-It is very heartwarming to hear from Mr. Mamadee Sesay, the former Education Committee Chairman after a three year hiatus from anything that has to do with FELMAUSA scholarship activities.

This is truly a remarkable achievement in more ways than one. We think Mr. Sesay’s re-emergence will get more people talking, writing and hopefully reach for their wallets to support a worthy cause.

In fact while we are at it, I am appealing to Mr. Sesay to make a donation of any amount to the FELMAUSA Scholarship project. Our Wells Fargo account# is 3548272917. Donations can also be made through Paypal by logging onto the FELMAUSA website.  We take pledges as well.

We truly appreciate Mr. Sesay’s written input into the implementation of our theme project, “Investing in Liberia’s Future.” Going into academic year 2014, we are on solid footing to continue the scholarship program. We were very fortunate recently to receive a sizable donation of $2,000.00 from the Honorable Minister of Finance; Amara Konneh (please read our previous bulletins).

For the first time in FELMAUSA’s existence, this Education Committee is amassing significant resources and setting the template for others who will follow in our footsteps. We are likewise extremely grateful to all those who have donated so far. Without their kind gestures, we probably won’t be having this conversation.

I urge Mr. Sesay and those who think the current scholarship awards are too much to walk in the students’ shoes. When you have walked in the Liberian students’ shoes for one semester, then you will more likely glean some compassionate understanding of the reality of their situation.

If we must invest in these students, then the assistance package must be comprehensive. A scholarship to me is incomplete when you don’t include books and minimal subsistence allowances.

Moreover, this Education Committee bounds itself to utmost transparency and accountability. This means every nickel and dime will be accounted for. This Committee awards and will always award actual students, no ghosts.

We are only a Committee, an auxiliary body of FELMAUSA. If it appears to you that the Education Committee under my leadership is acting with exclusive autonomy, then you have to begin to follow us more closely. The thing is that the current Education Committee is very vibrant and firing on all cylinders.

I wonder whatever happens to the “100 students” that were allegedly sponsored in 2010? Or better yet, the excess resources that could not be expended? I’m I missing something here?

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