Sunday 25th February 2018,


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Vice President Boakai Calls For ‘Warm Embrace’ Of Diaspora Liberians

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Prince S. Nagbe, MONROVIA, (LINA) – Vice President Joseph N.Boakai has called on Liberians at home to “warmly embrace their brothers and sisters” living in the Diaspora seeking to contribute to the development and wellbeing of the nation.

“This generation is now under obligation to right the historical wrongs and to put to rest long simmering hatreds in order to put the country on a trajectory of sustained growth and development by getting all Liberians on board, whether those at home or abroad,” he stressed.

Vice President Boakai, Photo credit :theliberianjournal

Vice President Boakai, Photo credit :theliberianjournal

Vice President Boakai made the call Friday at a program marking the Home-Coming and Consultative Dialogue of the Liberia Diaspora Engagement held at the Monrovia City Hall.

He recalled that during the country’s civil crisis, Diaspora Liberians became an important source of livelihood for many compatriots through their invaluable remittances, and that they have continued to “manifest deep interest and concern for their native land “in several other ways throughout their absence from the country.”

Vice President Boakai pointed out that over half a million Liberians living abroad are among some of the best skilled and professionals that the country can tap into for capacity building and the promotion and expansion of Liberian entrepreneurship and, as such, “sustained engagement with them requires that we resolve the question of citizenship and participation in the governance process.”

He observed that the violence that took place in the country has its root in years of exclusionary polices, ethnic divisions and historical antagonisms.

He hoped that the consultative dialogue will provide an opportunity for both parties to deliberate on important issues that will be included in the comprehensive National Diaspora Engagement.


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