Friday 19th January 2018,


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Utilize personal differences for peace: Balance your stories before publishing

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Mohamed Kamara, Dallas, Texas

Mohamed Kamara, Dallas, Texas

A Liberian residing in Dallas, Texas, is calling on municipal dwellers to utilize their personal differences for peace and justice for all.

Mohamed Kamara, a former Information Management and Reporting Officer of the United Nations Mission in Burundi, said working on personal differences would encourage peace building initiatives through community members.

He said, maintaining lasting peace in his community depends on how members make better use of their abilities to sustain justice for all.

During his recent visit to Minnesota, Mohamed Kamara pointed out that most African communities lack justice within their respective subdivisions.   He said these municipalities need to make better use of their abilities in developing an agreement among themselves.

Mr. Kamara further disclosed that the lack of justice within his community is visible through the behaviors of community organization heads.

He believes that those representing the public need to take advantage of their personal differences and come to a consensus in developing their sectors.

“We need to take advantage of our difference and come to a consensus to get the job done”

In an exclusive interview with Bamba 1 News, Mr. Kamara called on his community to sidekick personal connections and focus on challenges they are faced with.   He said sideling opponents after elections are recipes for failure.

During the same interview, Mr. Kamara blasted journalists for “Unbalance reporting,” and called on them to desist from promoting individuals in what he calls, “Fragile Mandingo communities.”  He said reporters need to balance their stories prior to publication.

Asked which story he was referencing, Mohamed Kamara pointed excusing fingers at the website of FELMAUSA, the single largest Mandingo federation in the United States.

In order to attain peace amongst their membership in Dallas, Mr. Kamara wants the inclusion on all parties, “Board members have been trained how to lead in their respective positions.”

Mr. Kamara said, the inauguration of Metax, Texas Mandingo Association was represented by what he calls “foreigners.” He quickly retracted his statement.

Mohamed Kamara made these remarks when he spoke to Bamba 1 News in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

He was in the Twin Cities to celebrate the induction of Kafumba Kromah as President of MMA, The Minnesota Mandingo Association.

Mohamed Kamara also stated that he would not have listened to the head of FELMAUSA, Bangalee Trawally if they had met in Dallas, Texas.


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