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Unity in Fighting Ebola is a Step Toward World Peace

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Richard Kane,Philadelphia PA – The world likes to try to unite against monsters. President Lyndon Johnson declared a war against poverty. Ronald Reagan a war against crime, and President Obama among other things has declared a war against Ebola.

Photo credit: Kurt Nimmo

Photo credit: Kurt Nimmo

The world united in removing chemical weapons from Syria, highlighted by a unanimous vote in the UN Security Council. Not a shot was fired, No child went to bed hungry due to a boycott. It is amazing what can be accomplished when the world gets united.

The US in its war against Ebola is plastering Ebola areas of Africa with high-tech sterilization and isolation equipment. But the exhausted not technologically savvy nurses and doctors have trouble dealing with it all. Meanwhile Cuba also is taking Ebola very seriously sending in teams of medical personnel.

Exhausted medical personnel taking care of a sick comrade seems to be a likely time for someone to themselves get Ebola. Perhaps exhausted people shouldn’t care for friends, sending them to the Cuban team could be handy.

One problem is you can’t tell if its Malaria or Ebola the first day or first days after one gets a fever without a fancy test. Malaria is ravishing West Africa. Why doesn’t the world eradicate Malaria this month? Natives are dumping DDT near their homes, one professional spaying would be less DDT in the long run. Since everyone is being tested for fever if there is a stagnant pool near ones home, one could only have to spray for mosquito within a mile of ones home in the future unless there is a strong wind.

Medical personnel who fought Ebola in the past are coming to help out and offer suggestions but most of the doctors and nurses too exhausted to listen to new ideas. It would be helpful if they exchanged suggestions with the Cuban medical teams as well.

The economies in several African counties are in the danger of collapse due to lack of travel and distribution of goods. In this county such things as one Ebola sickened person in Disneyland would leave the park almost empty in a month. Ebola will at worst only ravage Africa and the polio stricken areas of the world where it is believed testing is a CIA plot, but a worldwide depression could hit the US hard.

One incident is of Margaret McCauley who along with her husband contacted Ebola. He was sicker then here and she nursed him until he died, then took care of several Ebola sickened orphans her tender care and the antibodies in her breast milk saved their lives. Then cured she left the restricted area to take care of her surviving children which was her right and her duty, scrawl down to the middle of the following link until coming to her name. Reference

Another incident is in Conakry, Guinea where, Bakary Oularé, a doctor who caught the diseases is being ostracized. He should be working the patients the way Margaret McCauley was. Reference

The only thing needed is a special rest area where he and the other survivors working with patients could rest for 14 days before coming out to the outside world. However exhausted over-strapped clinics are too exhausted and busy to make changes, but the Cubans could start this. So far the only ones lobbying survivors for help is those in the Black Market for survivors blood. Most of the 200 survivors of Ebola could get jobs working with patients or cleaning up jobs, and get paid for their blood without a middle man making most of their money. Or without pay, half the donated blood could be frozen for their own future use or their close friends and relatives.

During World War II the US had no problem working with Stalin. But today the US leaves Iraq and Syria a mess by refusing to work with Iran and Assad, and endangers the polio stricken areas of the world with Ebola by refusing to work with Cuba. I wonder how many Africans are in this county that could lobby the US to wake up when it comes to Ebola, and the share of desperately needed help that Cuba is providing.

If the US doesn’t wake up the best hope is for Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma, set up a low-tech Ebola treatment center staffed by the people that hero doctor, Dr. Sheik Umar Khan saved before he died by being denied a dose of Zmapp that was nearby.

I personally think that with the help of Africans in this country urging us to grow up over Cuba, Ebola and Malaria will soon be a thing of the past. And the US will make changes that will improve the political climate as well, thus peace at last.

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