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UNICCO’s president heads to Georgia

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Nvasekie Konneh, Chairman, UNICCO National Publicity Committee – The President of the United Nimba Citizensâ Council in America, Abbaccus  Nyan Dokie Sr. is at the moment leading a high-power delegation to Atlanta Georgia to grace the inauguration of Meleh Duarto and other elected officers of the organization’s Georgia Chapter.
Dokie 2

Hon. Abbaccus Nyan Dokie Sr.

The delegation includes Secretary Christopher P. Selekpoh, Elaine Blanton- President, New Jersey chapter, Henry Dahn- Junior, Board Member, New Jersey chapter, Mary Gweh, Chairlady, UNICCO National, Gontorwon Gonkarnue and Konah Gartei.

According to a press release from the secretary general of the organization, Mr. Christopher Selekpor, the Board Chairman of UNICCO, Hector Saye will install the elected officials of the Georgia chapter of UNICCO.

While in Atlanta, UNICCO-NATâL President will meet with members of the GA Chapter, elders, and founding fathers. The President will also sympathize with David Wonzon for the loss of his former wife. He will also sympathize with the Chairman of the Election Commission, Jacob Diama for the death of his father.

Meanwhile, the administration is calling on all Nimbaians in the State of Atlanta Georgia to extend the president and party a warmth reception.


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