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A twelve year old donates to non-profit organization

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Mariama Bah of Minnesota

Mariama Bah of Minnesota

A twelve year old girl from Champlin, Minnesota who sympathizes with the plight of the Liberian people has donated ten United States ($10.00) to the cause of the FELMAUSA medical mission.

According to Mariama Bah who spoke to Bamba 1 Communication Services this afternoon, her donation is a way of sympathizing with families who are in urgent need of medical assistance in Liberia.

She said the donation represents her and her siblings, Saeed and Saleemah Bah respectively.

Mariama, Saeed, and Saleemah Bah

Mariama, Saeed, and Saleemah Bah

Little Mariama’s donation was last night seen by many as a wakeup call for others sitting on the fence who have not made up their minds to contribute to the plight of the needed in Liberia.

Making the donation on behalf of his daughter, Mohammed Bah, president of the Guinean Association of Minnesota said, due to bad weather, his daughter Mariama Bah could not attend the FELMAUSA medical mission’s fundraising, but she commissioned him to present the $10.00 on her behalf.

It can be recalled that despite difficult challenges faced by organizers of the fundraising program of the FELMAUSA medical mission to Liberia, the heavy downpour of snow in the Twin Cities was no match to this community endeavor.

As the downpour of snow continues with numerous accidents which resulted in one fatality in Delano, Minnesota, attendees were calling the medical mission officials for direction to the ceremony.

Though it did not gain the level of attraction that many had expected, the medical mission of the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA has generated nearly nine thousand United States dollars ($9,000.00). The program was held at the Miracle Empowerment Center in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota; poor attendance was blamed on deaths in the community.



Manyou Bility of Milwaukee and King Mohammed Kamara of Philadelphia have individually lauded the works of Mohamed Dorley, President of the Minnesota Mandingo Association.  “Wao! Though I am speechless but it will be unfair to the hardworking leadership President Dorley and his team if I cannot commend them for contributing to this humanitarian gesture. I also want to thank Hon. Amara Kamara, Chairman of FELMAUSA’s Social Committee for working closely with the illustrious team of President Mohammed Enzah Dorley and the 2nd largest or 2nd populated chapter of FELMAUSA for this great endeavor.”   

As for King Mohammed, his commendation was brief and to the point, he said Great job by MMA president and team and the leadership of Felmausa in Minnesota for a great coordination. Bravo guys. Felmausa is more than an individual and collective efforts have mostly yielded good results. Again, great job, guys.” It is the hope of many that the FELMAUSA medical mission to Liberia will harvest a positive result. The head of the mission, Joseph Sackor has proclaimed that this mission will have bigger impact the ever.



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