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Trial of Joel Mutabazi and its 15 co-defendants postponed again

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rfi – In Rwanda, the trial of Joel Mutabazi and its 15 co-defendants was postponed again Friday, July 11.  In Rwanda, the “trial of terror” was a new twist. After the main defendants, other accused that the prosecution had confessed their crimes investigators face, recanted. Among them, Cyprien Nibishaka.

Photo by: Stéphanie Aglietti

Photo by: Stéphanie Aglietti

The man is accused of being the coordinator in Rwanda Rwandan National Congress (RNC) and the FDLR, and have sent including his fiancée, Pelagie Nizeyimana – also on the dock – DRC military training in Rwandan Hutu rebels.

Charges that the defendants have denied firmly facing the courtyard. Pelagie acknowledges to have taken a trip in the DRC, but it ensures that it was to go shopping for her wedding.  Cyprien confessed to him to Rwanda from Uganda tracs of the RNC, but, he says, he took them out of curiosity. Both swear that their confessions had been extracted.

Only a former student, John of God Niyigizeyo says the RNC promised him money for his studies in exchange for his party membership. However, he said he went to the army after discovering that the RNC intends to work with the FDLR. The man also testified for the prosecution against Cyprian.

According to the Rwandan Ministry of Defence, this “trial of terror” must prove to the national and international public opinion the alliance between the opposition in exile RNC and Hutu rebels of the FDLR, as well as their involvement in attacks grenade hit the Rwanda since 2010. But the defendants deny each other after the charges against them. These retractions had already caused several delays in the trial that opened in January. The trial was adjourned to 17 July.


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