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Trawally bows to pressure from BOD as closed-door meeting nears

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Pres. Bangalee Trawally of Felmausa, photo by Lassana Bamba

Lassana Bamba, 3/27/2015, Crystal, Minn. – The notion that, “Some people are like turtle, they need fire on their backs before acting,” is becoming clearer by the days.  This African proverb is based on the changing behavior of individuals in society who act only when they are pressured by others.

This easy to perceive phenomenon supports the belief that custodians of most African African community (African from Africa) organizations that function under the banner of non-profit are marked by unaccountability. 

These community custodians do what they think is good for themselves, but not for the general community they lead, thereby putting personal interest first. In certain instances, they develop the make-believe that they are untouchable, but that is not the case this time around, the table has flipped under one community leader.

The recent pressure mounted against President Bangalee Trawally, by the Board of Directors of Felmausa, stating that, “Comply with the audit committee or face other available powers” seems not to have gone unnoticed by Mr. Trawally and team as they always did. The message has had a firm grasp of the Felmausa administration than expected.

Based on this surprised move by the BOD, the administration has slowly retracted its turtle legs that were used to hit those they considered opponents. It has budged to the board’s request by calling for a closed-door meeting slated for this weekend. 


Chairman Sekou K. Fofana, photo by Lassana Bamba

According to reports, the call which was made on behalf of the BT administration by Abraham Bility, vice president for operations of Felmausa,  has been accepted by Chairman Sekou Koutoubou Fofana under the agreement that he would attend the proposed meeting as an individual, but not as chairman of the board.

Will the board chairman’s acceptance to attend the proposed closed-door talk as an individual undercut the strength of the audit committee he set up? This is a question that lingers on the lips of gossipers.

On the other hand, some of those who follow activities of the federation believe that the BOD chairman should have directed the administration to the audit committee. 

Koutoubu Fofana’s  acceptance to attend the meeting has caused some nervousness among some BOD members.  Also, the nervousness of the Felmausa leader to appear on Bamba 1 Radio this weekend and the week prior has indicated some red flags.

In a telephone conversation with Bamba 1 News last week, Mr. Trawally turned down an invitation to appear on Bamba 1 Radio program, “Community & You.”  He said he wanted to make sure his message is broadcast to the community through “Felmausa Radio” before speaking to this network. 

During that conversation, Mr. Trawally promised to “Definitely” be on the show next week. However, Mr. Trawally also told the news outlet this week that, “I am not too show of appearing on the show this week because we have a small meeting either Saturday or Sunday.” He did not however elaborate on the nature of the “Small meeting.”

The interesting thing about this saga is the toughness exhibited last week by the Felmausa leader during his teleconference with members of his organization; he was not budging at all, but taking a dramatic turn at this time is indeed a big surprise.

Last week, Mr. Trawally eloquently defended his administration’s stance on the controversial Felmausa Medical to Liberia. The FML has become the center of attraction for many Felmausa members in recent time.

This is largely due to what some consider the “Lack of transparency” on the part of those heading the mission.  Despite its alleged refusal to make financial reports to the board, President Trawally has continually supported the FML.

He hinted last week that the medical mission is off the table for discussion, but with impeachment becoming luminous to President Trawally, it seems there are two ways out, comply with the audit committee or face the other side of the board.

There is no doubt that the president is in compliance, if he does not, it would go the Liberian way, “Baboon will divide kola,” meaning the strongest would survive.

In a related development, the head of FML has also given in, according to a confirmed report. Joseph Sackor will make available some documentation to the administration in an effort to exonerate himself from allegations leveled against him by members of Felmausa.

Many are saying that Mr. Sackor his profiting from the medical mission, but this has not been independently confirmed.

With enough fire on the back of the BT administration, the president won’t be able to use the organization’s money to fly anywhere for this secret meeting, the cheapest mean is through teleconference.


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