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Tiranke Sidime-Minnesota is home to African musicians

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Tirenke Sidime

Tirenke Sidime

Guinean musical legend Tiranke Sidime yesterday visited Minnesota in an effort to bring smile to the Minnesota Mandingo Association, and the people of Minnesota.

Following the performance, Tiranke sat in an interview with Bamba 1 Communication Services during which she said Minnesota is the home to African musicians. Note: This interview is recorded in Mandingo.



  • Very nice interview with Tiranke Sidime!!!!!

  • Thank you so much for your comment:)

  • Mr.Bamba, keep up the good job and may Allah bless the works of your hand !

    • Thank you for the comment Mr. Dorley.

  • Thanks you

  • Mr. Journalists as I usually called you. I just visited your website today ant it was fantastic and overwhelmed for me to see my dear friend established a radio station in the USA to keep our people inform and have them entertain. My brother keep the good work ongoing. May Allah continues to guide you in your endeavor.
    If my memory can serve me right all started in N’zerekore refugee school jwith Abdulah Sesay, Mamadee Dickete you and me. But I salute you for taking it to another level while we find ourselves in another profession like lae enforcement.

    Bamba I say bravo!

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