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The Wisconsin Mandingo Association set to follow Arizona in endorsing Sekou Kenneh for FELMAUSA president

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Mr. Mohammed F. Bility

Mr. Mohammed F. Bility

Based on the likability of Mohammed Fumba Bility, of Milwaukee, and his connections in that area, Bamba1News can presume that the expected press release from the Wisconsin Mandingo Association will endorse Mr. Sekou Kenneh and team for the presidential bid of Felmausa. 

An email dispatch published by Manyou MAS Bility of the Wisconsin Mandingo Association, WIMAM, hinted that the organization will make an endorsement shortly. In that email dispatch to the community listserv,, Mr. Bility said, “For now, you have to keep guessing for which team. The press release will say it all!!!!.”

The Sekou4better Felmausa team has also appointed Mohammed Fumba Bility as its chief strategist.  According to the Communication Director for the team, Mohamed Dorley, Mr. Bility is expected to bring reservoir of knowledge and experience to the campaign.

The former president of the Wisconsin Mandingo Association (WIMMA) who is now a board member of Felmausa has in the past involved with many campaign within the Mandingo community and “Yielded fruitful results.” Mr. Dorley said, his team expect nothing less than an actionable leadership exemplified by Mr. Bility.


Mr. Kafumba A Kenneth, Vice President of Liberian Mandingo Association of Pennsylvania-LIMAP

Also joining the team is the Vice President of  Liberian Mandingo Association of Pennsylvania-LIMAP, Mr. Kafumba A Kenneth, of Philadelphia, who said, “After a careful observation and gagging the future of our beloved Federation, I see nothing but a sea change in a positive direction for the Liberian Mandingo community, FELMAUSA to be specific. Hence, I’m  please to announce to you, that I will be running for the position of Vice President for Operation under the able leadership of the Presidential aspirant Honorable Sekou Kenneh of Arizona, in the upcoming FELMAUSA’S elections come September 4,5,6, 2015 to be held in Dallas, Texas.”

In his Facebook posting, Mr. Kenneh called on the community, friends, family, fans and well wishers to support the Sekou4better Felmausa team. He mentioned that this team will take “Our beloved FELMAUSA to the promised land.”

In a related development, The Arizona Mandingo Association, AMA, has endorsed Sekou Kenneh and team for the up-coming Felmausa elections slated for early September 2015 in Dallas, Texas.

An email dispatched released on Felmausa’s community listserv yesterday at 6 pm by the organization’s Secretary, Lasana Kamara, which was approved by President Vakaba Sesay, says AMA’s endorsement of Mr. Kanneh comes in the wake of his “Impeccable community service record.”

It says, Mr. Kenneh’s service to community transcends the borders of AMA, it thus extends to the larger Liberian Mandingo communities.

In the same email dispatch, AMA also called on chapters of the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in  the USA to follow their example, “We are therefore asking all FELMAUSA’s chapters to endorse the Sekou4Better FELMAUSA team, that is prepared and ready to take the Federation to the Promised land.”

For his part, former presidential aspirant, King Mohammed Kamara of Philadelphia who is currently visiting Liberia, has pledged his support to Musa Trawally’s presidential bid. On June 18, 2015, at about 6:36 am, he wrote that he love to see a vibrant Felmausa that is perceived as a “GOLD/DIAMOND” by many outside of the Mandingo community.

He said the best leader for the federation is one who has respect for past and current leaders of Felmausa. “I am with a very strong conviction that Mr. Musa Trawally is the right person at this

critical time to effect not only good leadership skills but also to expose the image of our federation,” he added.

He also disclosed in his posting that, “Based on his clarity and honesty on issues, Mr. Trawally has succeeded in setting some good leadership standards not only in Quardu-Gboni, but also in the Union of Liberians Association in the Americas, LIMAP, Liberian Association of Pennsylvania as well as serving as a consultant of other affiliated groups.”

Aside from endorsements from different spectrums of the Mandingo political arena, some individuals in the community have made their voices heard through posting in a group chart room.

Amara Keita of Philadelphia wrote, “We being told by the other camp over and again that Mr. Bangale Trawaly is the worst leader Felmausa ever had. Under his administration, the most  important document we had lost was restored. He is not given credit for that as the president. The other camp is thwarting the facts and unilaterally assigning onto themselves. When Felmausa fails , it is president Bangale. When the opposite happens, board members claim the credit. What’s an IRONY!

Akeem Komara of Minnesota has a diverse view, he said the objectives for which Felmausa was founded is fading away, “We are all different in our own unique ways. The current leadership have missed some footpath lone the way but that doesnot megate their short coming. The constituents need a someone good leadership abilities regardless of their academic achievements. Felmausa have had ppl with all the masters but  lead us nowhere. What I  am trying to bring to the forum attention is we don’t need to dwell on too much little.”

As for Losoni Sanoe of Minnesota, he says the community needs to vote based on the legacy inhabitants of that community would like to pass on to their successors. Since community politicians depend on delegates for vote, they must also understand that the future of the community depends on what delegates put in the ballot box, he added.

Mr. Sanoe also wrote, “When we vote we must vote for the candidate who we believe will go beyond speeches and live out the promise and good will that they professed during the campaign period. As a community we need not let down those people in our society who have demonstrated their commitment to us and our community. If we do not vote, our opinion would not be heard and it is likely that those who get elected will not share our vision for the community. Leaders represent the people and are expected to express the views of the people but if we abuse our voting rights in the community, we run the risk of having leaders who will not speak for us like  BT.” 


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