Sunday 25th February 2018,


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Texas Governor Calls for Travel Ban on Ebola Ravaged Countries

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Crystal, MN – Texas Governor Rick Perry is calling on the Obama administration to instill travel ban on countries that are hard-hit by the Ebola virus. The move according to Governor Perry will assist the US in containing the spread of Ebola across the country.

According to Governor Perry, the only exception from the travel ban would be aide workers who are flying back and forth from those affected countries. The Texas Governor also called for the enforcement of orders on those who carry symptoms of the virus. The enforcement according to him would assist in restraining quarantined suspects from traveling across the US.

Rick Perry

Gov. Rick Perry

In a special message on the Ebola outbreak that is threatening the safety of world health, President Obama yesterday hinted that he would consider imposing travel ban on Ebola affected areas if that’s what the “American people want.” 

In a related development, a Dallas lab-worker who worked in the same hospital where Thomas E. Duncan died has been quarantined on a cruise ship in Belize. Officials on the ship said the person has not shown any symptom as of yet. The Captain of the ship notified passengers about the situation through the public address systems, but he did not mention Ebola.

Since the discovery of Ebola in the US following the arrival of Thomas Duncan, a Liberian national, the US has not had a definite spokesperson. There are reports that President Obama is likely to appoint Ron Klain to lead his administration response team on the deadly virus.

Ron Klain is the former Chief of Staff to Vice President Joe Biden, even-though he is not a doctor, but his appointment would largely be based on his knowledge in how Washington works. 

Vice President Biden tweeted, “There’s no one better at getting govt to work at its best than Ron Klain. He’s a tested manager & problem-solver, and a trusted advisor.”


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