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Q/A Section of Harrowing December

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The author of Harrowing December, Professor Momoh Sekou Dudu has hinted that copies of the book are in high demand at the moment. He said some have prepaid in order to grasp copies.

The fact that Momoh Sekou Dudu, a muslim dedicated Harrowing December to Mary Anne Schwalbe, a jewish woman, for reaching across the fence to plug him out of despair and point him to the rays of hope, says it all.

News of success stories pinpointed in Harrowing December continue to spread across the country.

He made these statements during his book launching ceremony on November 8, 2014, at the North Hennepin Community College, situated in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. “I hope this book reminds each of us to commit ourselves to applying peaceful, nonviolent means in resolving any and all future disagreements we have as a people owing allegiance to a common patrimony.” Momoh Dudu

During that event, he answered questions regarding the book, here is a video footage.

Harrowing December Q/A from Lassana Bamba on Vimeo.


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