Friday 19th January 2018,


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Prosecute parents, implement child custody laws of Liberia; Willie averred

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The founder and Executive Director for Education Care Africa, a US based non-profit organization, is calling on the government of Liberia to prosecute parents who indirectly expose children to rape. 

Musa Willie, a humanitarian and social justice advocate is pressing for the prosecution of parents  because they leave children unattended in isolated communities.   In order to encourage parents to provide safe protections to children, he said government must implement the child custody laws of Liberia.

Musa WillieAccording to Willie, the implementation of the child custody laws of Liberia would increase security for children in isolated communities. Willie also disclosed that while it is true that punishment helps to deter crime, there is a greater need for the adaptation of proactive measures in the fight against rape.

He called on the Gender Ministry, as well as the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, and other civil society organizations in the country to invest more time and resources in creating massive awareness, education,  and empowerment.

In a dispatch to Bamba 1 News, Willie averred that setting up rehabilitation centers to provide free psychosocial counseling and treatment for behaviors modification, would be of greater help to victims of rape,“Setup a central information command to collect and distribute data on suspected and confirmed cases of rape , train and deploy mobile counselors in various school districts.”

Willie further mentioned, that rape is a crime that doesn’t only affect victims but an entire generation,“Especially those who hailed from deep religious and traditional backgrounds.”  His comment comes in the wake of a recent attack on a 12-year old Liberian girl who was raped and left by her attacker to bleed to death. “It’s my hope that the perpetrator(s) will be brought to justice!”

The young Executive Director indicated in his writeup that the most recent rape in Liberia has created serious sense of insecurity for families. Willie also quoted the victim’s family as saying that, when the 12-year old was attacked, “The Liberian Police refused to put,(Victim’s mane withheld) in a government vehicle to transport her to seek immediate medical attention.” 

His dispatch showcase that Liberia is one of many countries in West Africa that has tough laws on rape.  According to local dailies in Liberia, after being raped by a 43-year old man,  the victim was able to pinpoint her attacker before dying.

When Liberia, the first independent nation in Africa, usher in its first elected female president, the young leadership preoccupied itself with being tough on rapist.

At that time, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf made clear through a BBC interview that anyone found guilty of rape in Liberia would be sentenced to 10 years in jail, but her promise to the Liberian populace doesn’t seem to have yielded positive results.

Video credit: Mamadee Diakite/A.B. Kabbakeh of Liberia

The death of the most recent rape victim in Liberia has reawakened sad memories of numerous rape victims of the civil crisis, some of whom continue to encounter their attackers in different parts of the country. 


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