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Party Bus Brings Ease of Mind to Hard-working Immigrants in Minnesota “You can even celebrate your divorce on this bus”

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Brooklyn Center, Minn. – A new party bus, aimed at alleviating stress in the community, has been launched in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The bus is named and styled, Paradise Bus Ride.

Paradise Bus Ride is equipped with upgraded sound systems, iPod connections, Neo Disco lights, ice bins, a flat screen television and cup holders located in the back of its limousine styled seats. In order to enjoy a ride on the bus and to maintain privacy, windows surrounding the bus has darker curtains.

This endeavor is considered by some as the first of its kind in the West African community in the Twin Cities.  Speaking at a designated gathering spot in Brooklyn Center over the weekend, the proprietor of the bus, Prince Selassie welcomed community members on board.

He said celebrations on PBR would help alleviate stress endured by workers, students, as well as elderly people residing in the State.  Prince got the crowd cheering up when he said, “You can even celebrate your divorce on this bus, some people think it is a bad thing to celebrate divorce, but it is not.” Prince is an immigrant from Ghana, West Africa.

Community members boarding Paradise Bus Ride in Brooklyn Center, Minn. Photo by: Lassana Bamba

Community members boarding Paradise Bus Ride in Brooklyn Center, Minn.
Photo by: Lassana Bamba

By legal standard, the party bus carries 24 passengers per trip. As a way of introducing the business to future customers, not more than 24 community dwellers were invited on Saturday night to experience a ride on Paradise Bus Ride.

Even though the tour began 30 minutes later than scheduled, the 1-hour-20-minute trip which took passengers beyond St. Cloud, Minn. was a blast for those who had never had such experience.

Before the trip, the driver demonstrated usage of the bus’ four emergency exits. Passenger on-board Paradise Bus Ride enjoyed themselves to some beautiful African selections, especially from Ghana and Liberia. They ate “Kala” and chicken.  As for drinks, that was in abundance, but it is not clear who provided the drinks.

Asked if the bus company will be responsible for food and drinks when chartered, Prince replied, “You can bring your own food on the bus.” According to its website,, Paradise Bus Ride’s goal is to play a leading role in moving individual fun to group fun from one point to another.

As a locally owned and operated business in Hennepin County, Paradise Bus Ride is striving to serve within the four cardinals of Minnesota, including Anoka, Ramsey, Dakota, Scott, Sherburne and Wright Counties. If utilized properly, this new venture will not only bring more money to its owner, but will likely be a new stress management technique for members of the community, especially students and hard-working families of Minn.

A survey founded by the Mcknight Foundation, conducted by Bruce P. Corrie, Phd professor of Economics at Concordia University in St. Paul, Minn. on May 29, 2015 indicates that, “African immigrant workers are playing a critical role in Minnesota currently in certain sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, and health care and will continue to do so in the future as Minnesota copes with labor shortages.”

His survey further hinted that  African immigrants build the local economy by paying annually at least $200 million in state and local taxes and are significant players in the housing market or renters and homeowners. It is hoped my many that Prince’s idea of  introducing a new party bus, PBR will not only alleviate stress but rather impacts social and economic growth of the community.

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