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Open letter to Honorable J. Alex Tyler, Speaker, National Legislature, Liberia

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Honorable J. Alex Tyler
Speaker, House of Representatives
Capitol Hill, Monrovia, Liberia


September 22, 2014


Honorable Speaker of the National Legislature:

This communication serves to officially bring to your attention the following public comments made by Montserrado County District Eleven Representative Gabriel Nyekan about my person and my hard-earned reputation:

  1. Rep Nyekan on Thursday, September 18, 2014, at a called Press Conference at the Capitol Building referred to me as a “jihadist and ex-LURD fighter” and splashed doubt on my Liberian citizenship.

2. At the same press briefing, he stated that there are court records to established that I stole 40ft Container from the Freeport of Monrovia where I served as Assistant Port Operations Manager for Container Operations and that I was convicted for the crime.

3. Rep Nyekan told the Press Conference and mentioned on Sky FM on Friday, September 19, 2014, that my name is on the Ministry of State payroll with a monthly pay of five thousand United States dollars (USD 5,000.00).

4. Rep Nyekan stated that he has evidence to substantiate all the allegations.

Mamadee S. DIAKITE Deputy Director General, RCI Lead Presenter, The Truth Breakfast Show (TBS)

Mr. Mamadee S. Diakite
Deputy Director General, (RCI) Lead Presenter, The Truth Breakfast Show (TBS)

Mr. Speaker, while I hold that all the allegations are false and baseless, I respectfully seek your intervention as Speaker of the House of Representatives to initiate a process that would persuade Rep Nyenkan to make public all the pieces of evidence he claims to be in his possession in relation to the allegations he spread in the public.

I harbor no doubt that my decision to seek your official intervention is the first course in seeking redress and the most civilized and acceptable route to follow whenever a member of the House of Representatives injures the dignity and integrity of any member of the society. Rep Nyekan’s conduct is a novelty.

Ordinarily, Mr. Speaker, I wouldn’t have given all the above allegations any sense of serious consideration if they were uttered by an uninformed man on the street. I find it excruciating and unacceptable for a member of the First Branch of Government who is a component of our National Political Leadership structure to emit obese lies bearing the potential to impugn my name and subject me to infamy.

The extent of the injury Rep Nyekan caused my name and my person is strengthened by his political stature. His utterance is a callous abuse of legislative respectability and a disservice to the people whose mandate he holds as a legislator. I don’t want to waste time on his questioning of my identity as a Liberian; that is a fruitless venture because his conduct projects no impact on the legality of my citizenship in any regard. To use my name as a basis to determine my citizenship is a total absurdity worthless of my precious time.

Referring to me a “jihadist” is very sad. Jihad is associated with Islam with a negative connotation because of its variant definitions and interpretations. It is not a complimentary word in the context in which he spoke; it is highly derogatory and defaming.

Using the word in this context demonstrates his deficiency in appreciating that our Country is a post-crisis nation still struggling to survive the effects of our years of war that had religious and tribal dimensions. In this regard, I find it disturbing and painfully shocking for Rep Nyekan to make such statements loaded with religious and tribal inclinations with the potential to affect the sensitivity of Liberian Muslims and Mandingoes in general. I cannot still digest the rationale and motive that fanned his anger to the proportion of making such repugnant, false and demeaning comments about me. That was so sad.

On the unfounded allegation that I receive a monthly pay of five thousand United States (USD 5,000.00) from the Ministry of State, I think this must claim the attention of the entire Legislature because its borders on corruption. If Rep Nyekan’s wisdom is anything to absorb, the Legislature must institute a probe to establish the veracity as it remains a clear demonstration of mis-use of state money on the part of the Ministry of State for a non-Government employee to be on its payroll.

The payroll of all Government institutions is a product of legislative action through the budgetary process of our Governance system. I strongly believe that Rep Nyekan much heralded passion to fight corruption should force him to lobby with colleague legislators for the Ministry of State to be investigated for wasting state resources in such manner.

On the point of being an ex-LURD fighter who killed people during the war, Rep Nyekan is making up stories and swimming in a pool of fallacy with the object of denting my character and also endangering my life. I was never a member of LURD; I did not fight any war and had no link to any warring faction. I returned to Liberia in 1996 and since then I have been here in Monrovia seeking education, doing business and practicing as a journalist: references to support my position are endless. These are verifiable.

Mr. Speaker, for Rep Nyenkan to evade care in stating that there are court records to prove that I was convicted for “stealing 40ft container” from the Freeport of Monrovia is a sad reflection of his person as a legislator and an elasticity of gossips framed to meet his mindset about me. Court records are public documents and can be assessed. I have never been brought before any Court on criminal charges not even to mention conviction. That is a lie.

Honorable Speaker, Rep Nyekan also told the nation that I was refused a media service contract for the House of Representatives Nation-wide Oil Bill Consultation and he believes that angered me. This is another deliberate flight away from the fact and a lie produced from his thought. I have never expressed any interest in carrying out media services for the Oil consultation. I have remained vehemently opposed to the House of Representatives using over One Million USD for the oil consultation and I have made my position public on that subject. Rep Nyekan proceeded ill-informed and he needs to be corrected.

He also planted his feeling in the soil of fallacy in relation to my contract with the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) at the Legislature and his failure to ask questions surrounding my professional relationship with the PAC has pumped his falsity to an unimaginable volume.


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  • After listening to Representative J. Gabriel Nyenkan of Montserrado County district number eleventh in the below audio, I find no evidence of TRIBAL BIGOTRY, RELIGIOUS HATRED or any attack on the general Mandingo ethnic group in Liberia.

    Whatever resentment expressed in this audio by the honorable man was strictly directed at brother Mamadee Diakite and not the Mandingo Community in general as purported by some of our brothers. It is evident in the audio the honorable representative was reacting to Mr. Diakite about something he (Diakite) may have said or done to the honorable man. Therefore, whatever fight it is, is between representative Nyenkan and brother Diakite and not the Mandingo Community.

    The allegations levied against brother Diakite by the honorable man can be addressed by him (Diakite ) as an individual. He either choose to debunk or file a defamation of character law suit against representative Nyenkan, or let it be! but he cannot or should not drag the entire Mandingo Community into his personal or partisan fight.

    Brother Diakite needs to understand that he’s a public figure just as the honorable representative is. The same right he has, to say stuffs about the honorable representative, is the same right the honorable man has. If you’re in the political arena, you must be ready to fight politically and intellectually on an individual level because, no matter what, you’re gonna be engaged somehow.

    In this public manner, I like to caution my kinsmen to desist from REACTIONARY BEHAVIORS that have the propensity to pit our community against other communities. Otherwise, one day we shall find ourselves in a fight that we may all regret for the rest of our lives. The notion that “AN ATTACK ON ONE MANDINGO MAN IS AN ATTACK ON ALL MANDINGOES” is a HAWKISH IDEOLOGY that must be discouraged by all level headed Mandingoes. “If you tell the cat not to eat the fish, you must also tell the fish also not to smell”. Liberia would be a HELL HOLE if every other tribe adopted the same hawkish doctrine. We all as Liberians, have the burden of responsibility to educate one another as to how to responsibly respond to a situation. Otherwise, we shall all be losers.

    Representative Nyenkan’s assertion that “no Mandingo man is a citizen of Sinoe County”, I believe was made out of anger, which beclouds his judgment or mere ignorance. The people of Sinoe County did not germinate or cropped up in Sinoe, but rather moved from somewhere to the county. “Waking up early does not mean you alone have to eat all the cold rice” ( Mandingo proverb ). In other words or in short, the early arrivals of the first settlers to Sinoe County does not mean they own the county more than those that came later. We can all make the world a better place, if we choose to live peacefully, side by side. Holding a public office comes with responsibilities… A responsibility to fight for oneself and a responsibility to fight for those you represent.

    At the moment, we all need to coordinate our efforts in fighting the Ebola outbreak in the region instead of trying to engage in some partisan fight. Also at the moment, I think both representative Nyenkan and brother Diakite are being INSENSITIVE to the plights of the Liberian people somehow. This is no time for their partisan fight. After the Ebola outbreak fight is contained, I’m sure they would have enough time to engage each other.
    May God help rid the world of the deadly Ebola Virus and heal those that are sick.

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