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OLM Dismisses Fox 9 News report on Barway Collins donation

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Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 1.02.54 PMThe Organization of Liberians in Minnesota has dismissed a Fox 9 report that it misappropriated $3,500 donated as contribution for the burial of Barway Collins.

OLM’s clarification comes in the wake of what it call “False and misleading report aired on Fox 9 last night, May 13, 2015.”

According to Executive Director Mamadee Sesay, “Fox 9 reported that the check that was written by Business man Edoh Akakpo for Barway Collins funeral in the amount of $3500 was cashed by OLM and no one knows where the money is; and that the money disappeared.”Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 1.03.07 PM

He said the report is inaccurate and undermines the effort and good intentions of those who woke up each day with nothing on their minds other than Barway Collins.

“So, this is what you need to know about the check mentioned in the report.

1. The $3500 check was never Written to OLM.

2. The $3500 check was never Written to the Funeral home.

3. The $3500 check was written to the Barway Collins donation funds.

4. The $3500 check was never cashed but deposited into the Barway Collins donation funds account to which it was written.

5. Besides this check, there was never a time when any funds belonging to the effort of Barway Collins went into any of OLM’s accounts.”

Mr. Sesay also sent a copy of the check and the deposit receipt from Wells Fargo bank to Bamba1News.

He said, “OLM definitely did the right thing for being there from day one for Barway Collins and we have no regrets. If anyone wants to salivate at our expense, let’s not allow them to do so because it damages not just the individuals, but the Community as well.”

He also mentioned that the four unnamed Liberians “Who the reporter claimed called Fox 9 to complain OLM misrepresented the facts and they decided to run with it.”

He concluded that, “A tailored and informed response to the accusation is our best answer, not anger. We will continue to proudly represent this community with dignity, honesty and integrity and ask you to hold us responsible for our errors, but stand with us in times like these.”

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