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Nearly 400 attend funeral of a Liberian immigrant in New York

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The Late Ansumana Dukuly

The Late Ansumana Dukuly

Lassana Bamba, Minneapolis, Minnesota- Nearly 400 funeral-goers today converged at the burial of a Liberian immigrant who was yesterday killed in a car crash in the Bronx, New York.

The late Ansumana Dukuly was today interred in accordance with Islamic teaching. At the funeral service, mourners across the globe paid tribute to the late Ansumana Dukuly and at the same time extended sympathy to the bereaved family through ways, means and support.

The presiding Imam at the memorial lauded the late Dukuly for his courage in serving his Lord and Redeemer. The clergy man said Ansumana Dukuly at his extra times frequently visited the Mosque as a loner and recited the Holy Quran; this according to the Imam is remarkable.

On the listserv of the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the United States, FELMAUSA, Ousmam Bamba, alias “Obe” said, May Allah grant him paradise and widen his grave, including those faithfully departed” while Mohamed Dukuly of Sydney, Australia put it this way, “May his soul rest in peace, may Allah grant him Aljanah, Ameen.”

A dispatch quoted Mr. Abraham Fofana of Minnesota, who is also acting president of the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA as saying that, the death of Ansumana Dukuly is a tragic and regrettable loss to the community. Mr. Fofana according to the dispatch however called on friends and families to exercise extreme composure during this difficult period of mourning.

Talata Yahaya Sheriff of Philadelphia referred to the late Dukuly as a humble, quiet, respectful and irreplaceable community man. “He was a man of great passion for his religion and his community. He cared and treated everyone with utmost respect. Brother Dukuly attended every community and family function. He also visited every home in times of grieves, sorrow and happiness.”

The late Ansumana Dukuly, a former member of ONYMA, Organization of New York Mandingo, was pronounced dead at 3:20 a.m. on Sunday March 17, 2013 when the vehicle he was driving was rear-ended at Grand Central Parkway near 188th St. in Queens, New York.

According to preliminary report, after a substantial hit at the rear of his taxi, Ansumana Dukuly’s vehicle veered and was smashed by another vehicle, killing him instantly.

In an email to his community, Osman Turay, an immigrant from Liberia quoted NYPD as saying that the car which rear-ended Mr. Dukuly was travelling approximately 90 miles an hour, and was driven by a drunk driver who fled the scene following the accident.

The Daily News in New York reported on Sunday that following the accident, the 19-year old chauffeur, Roberto DePena, fled the crime scene but was later apprehended by police at his Kew Gardens Hills home at about 5:00 a.m. on a slew of charges including drunken driving and manslaughter.

Daily News also reported that the brother of Roberto, Eduardo DePena, 28, showed regret for the incident.

Other reports have it that the late Ansumana Dukuly was graduated from Lehman College with a Bachelor of Science Degree.

Another report said that his application as a student at New York University had recently been accepted, and he was at the same time working on bettering his life. He had recently updated his resume in an effort to find a “better” job.

The death of Ansumana Dukuly came to most of his admirers as a big surprise, but one thing is clear in Islam, that Allah is the only knower of when each individual’s life comes to an end.



  • Thanks a lot for providing the medium through which our people are informed about events around the world. I extend my sympathy to the Liberian community in the USA and the Dukuly’s family for death of Mr. ANSUMANA DUKULY. May Allah grants him paradise.

    • To Allah we belonged and to thee we are destined.
      May almighty Allah grant brother ANSI the recompense of his deeds.

  • Thank you very much for kind words about our brother and may Allah bless his soul. But point of corrrection , the deceased brother was Abdullah Dukuly not Ansumana Dukuly. May his soul and all depart muslims rest in perfect peace. Inshallah.

  • This is indeed a very tragic event. May the All mighty Allah grant him al-janaat and may his soul rest in perfect peace. Mr. Dukuly was a formar classmate, a friend and a brother to me and a lot of people around. A very great and religious guy to be around.

  • Brother Dukuly was great loving man. May his soul rest in peace. I met brother Dukuly one year ago when he visited Seattle Washigton for a naming ceremony.

  • Tears can not bring back my brother Ansu. I just realized that too. He was one of my admirers and always respectful. His passing is indeed a tragic loss to our community. When I lost my son (Abu) in 2006, Bro. Ansu was one of those that consoled me. He talked to me and cheered me and my wife up. I remembered those solemn moment vividly. But who are we to ask the Almighty Allah? May his soul rest in perfect peace

  • This is a terrible tragedy, especially for the family and members of ONYMA. We are very saddened by this situation. But to Allah we come and unto him is our return. Allah knows best!

  • With faith I have accepted that Abdullah Ansumana Dukuly (Ndorma as we used to call one another) is gone for ever. For me you were personal in every way. Since the shocking news of your death broke to me there has never been a day that I never thought of you or something we did together. He were the reason for me traveling to Europe. Prior to moving to the USA you live in Holland for six year while I live in Belgium during that same period. In those six years there was never a week that we never met in person so long none of us had travel out of Europe.

    You have gone to the great beyond. Every time I pray, I pray that Allah grant you Aljanat as that is one of the ways I will want to remember you, in my prayers. Your love for Allah and you commitment to your daily prayers can not be over emphasized. Only Allah will reward you for your good deeds, the good relations you put together, the friendships you built.

    You called me with names like “Ndorma, Kromacheh and Name”, but I am no longer to hear them again. We love you but Allah loves you best. All we can say is that from Allah you came and to him you have returned. That happens to be our faith and so shall we accept it. May Allah forgive your errors and grant you paradise…Ame en.

  • May his soul rest in peace. This brother was an icon to some of us that knew he back in N’zerekore and in the United States. I saw the announcement on facebook and became to cry but Allah know best. May Allah forgive us all and give us paradise. “Life is a journey from Allah to Allah”

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