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National Democratic Radar to release FELMAUSA’s Report Card

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Hon. Bangalee Trawally, Pres. of  FELMAUSA

Hon. Bangalee Trawally, Pres. of FELMAUSA

A group known as, The National Democratic Radar, will today released what it calls, the report card of the president of FELMAUSA, the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA.

A press release from NDR, suggests today May 17, 2014 marks President Bangalee Trawally’s 220th days in office.

The spoke person for the group, Musa Keita of Brooklyn Center, Minn. said it is prudent to inform the public about the FELMAUSA leader’s achievements and short-comings.

Statistics from NDR, according to the release will “spite out” its latest estimates of how the affairs of the federation were conducted within the past two years.

It is forecast in the release that the margin of error will be minimum, this according to the release will depend on how the data is perceived by the public.

Bangalee Trawally recently came under fire in a report on March 31, 2014. As head of a peace brokering team to Dallas, TX, he was accused of saying that “Only those who speak Mandingo will be allowed to address this forum.”

In an effort to mend his record regarding the Dallas statement, he spoke for nearly 10 minutes, even though the time allotted him was two minutes.

During that function in Minnesota, Mr. Trawally further exacerbated the situation by indicating that “If Amed Sirleaf can become president of MMA, I equally believe Mamadee Sesay can become president of FELMAUSA?”
Despite signaling Mr. Trawally twice that his allotted time was over, he failed to yield to the warning.
This prompted the Master of Ceremony, Musa Kamara, former president of The Minnesota Mandingo Association, in collaboration with DJ Sekou to boot him (Trawally) off stage by increasing the volume of the music.

Some members of his inner circle, including Amara Kamara of Minnesota, were very angry due to what many at that occasion considered “divisive message from the president.”

It is not clear what the NDR report will highlight today but one thing is certain, community members can’t wait to read the report.  Related Story


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