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My Dear Community Members: Momoh Dudu

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Prof. Momoh Sekou Dudu, MN

Prof. Momoh Sekou Dudu, MN


My Dear Community Members:

Asalamu alaikum……..

Re: MMA Inaugural Festivities

The Minnesota Mandingo Association (M.M.A.) inaugural festivities that wrapped up over the weekend of April 11 -13, 2014 in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota provided us a moment in time to be proud of as a community.

The splendid occasion marked yet another smooth and orderly transition of power in the democratic history of the M.M.A.  I am glad to be a member of this community!

I was especially proud of and immensely impressed by the cordiality and sense of unity that characterized the process.   The outgoing and the incoming leaderships both merit unreserved praise for the message of unity and oneness of purpose they showcased.

I am also tremendously grateful to our learned keynote speaker, Counselor Mamiatta Jabateh-Sirleaf for her entirely relevant message of ‘women education and empowerment’ in our communities.   I pray that her message finds resonance in our hearts.

The installing officer, Hon. Ansumana Jabateh Randolph, deserve thanks for his role as well. His re-echoing and reinforcement of the themes of education and unity within our community was spot-on.

Hon. Bangalee Trawally, Pres. of  FELMAUSA

Hon. Bangalee Trawally, Pres. of FELMAUSA

I will be remiss; however, were I not to register my strong disappointment in the discordant note struck by the sitting president of the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the United States of America (FELMAUSA), my brother, Bangaly Trawally.

At a time when speaker after speaker was preaching peace and unity, the FELMAUSA Chief Executive chose to be petty and divisive. Instead of urging togetherness, Mr. Trawally chose to pit the incoming administration against the outgoing leadership because, as he framed it, the former honored him while the latter shunned him.

Instead of talking about inclusiveness for the betterment of the community, he chose to rehash the very divisive and counter-productive issue of “who is more Mandingo than the next person.” He even had the gumption to personally single out former MMA president Ahmed Sirleaf and former FELMAUSA VPO Mamadee Sesay in this regard.

I have a request to make of you Mr. Trawally:  If you cannot heal this community while you are at the helm, please do not ruin it any worse than you met it.

I hope this is not too much to ask.

Momoh Sekou Dudu



  • The programm was spectacular. From the MC to the audience and the various speeches were on the right point. The transition of leadership from Mr.Dorley to Mr.Kromah was one of the best moment of the occasion. You may not be a sycophant of the outgoing leadership but to admitt they did a tremendous job to bring unity in the community.BRAVO Mr. Dorley for the job well done nevertheless Mr.Trawally speech was not timely. I personally was very disapointed in Mr. Trawally, He need to apologize to the people of Minnesota. WE NEED PEACE, WE NEED PEACE,WE NEED PEACE, WE NEED PEACE

  • Bro. Akeem, I think Mr. Trawally speech was at the right place and at the right time. Congrat Hon. Trawally for job well done, this was one of the best speech by FELMAUSA president.

  • Hello my dear muslim brother and sister.this is good idea of founding the madingo county in mn.may Allah bless u all.

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