Sunday 25th February 2018,


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“Mr. Politician”By Nvasekie Konneh

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Nvasekie Konneh

Nvasekie Konneh, photo credit: Musa Sheriff of Atlanta, Georgia

We have heard so much from you,

We have heard so much about you Mr. Politician

And we have expected so much from you

But you have delivered so very little

Of all your million dollar promises.

You promised us education,

Yet the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance is everywhere.

You promised us pipe born water

We are still waiting and thirsty.

You promised us paved roads,

We are still stuck in the mud.

You promised us electricity

We are still swimming in darkness,

Unsure of where we coming and going.

Many times you have come to speak to us

About the manna falling from the sky

But we are still hungry, hopeless and helpless.

Over the years you have only fed us

With empty rhetoric just to placate your own agenda

At our expense while you climb to power.

We are tired of your hifalutin b****hits

So tired of your high charged prevarication

Pimping on West Point and all other

Poverty stricken neighborhoods.

Nvasekie Konneh


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