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Mandingo Caucus of Liberia spearheads book launching, upsurge of zest grasps Monrovians

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Hon. Musa Bility, Mandingo Caucus of Liberia

Hon. Musa Bility, Mandingo Caucus of Liberia

In continuation of the book tour that has gone from Philadelphia to Minneapolis and New York, the author of  “The Land of My Father’s Birth,” Nvasekie Konneh, leaves soon for the official launching of the book in Liberia, West Africa. The program in Monrovia will be held under the auspices of the National Mandingo Caucus of Liberia and the general Liberian public is encourage to attend.

Nvasekie Konneh

Nvasekie Konneh

The writer of the highly acclaimed memoir of the Liberian civil war will be arriving in the country for the book launching scheduled for June 15, 2013. Since its launching in Philadelphia in February 2013, the book has been fiercely discussed in the Liberian diasporas communities in the US and elsewhere.

From social media like Facebook to various news websites as well as email listings, the book has been very visible and has generated interesting comments from those who have read it with some describing it as “An epic of personal courage, survival, but touching on every aspect of the Liberian narrative; politics, economics, social, ethnicity, religion, and cultural. A must read for anybody remotely interested in reconciliation of our decided nation, especially the youths.”

It can be recalled that Hon. Musa Bility, former president of the National Mandingo Caucus of Liberia served as the chief patron of the official book launching in February in Philadelphia. During that program, Hon. Bility, on behalf of the National Mandingo Caucus of Liberia, pledged to buy 1000 copies of the book as a way of showing appreciation and support for Liberian arts and creativity. As such, the book launching in Monrovia is expected to draw an array of important personalities from government and private sector as well as strong grassroots presence.

After the official launching in Monrovia on June 15, the author will visit schools and community centers in the country to discuss the book with students and community members. According to the writer, it will be a “great delight to meet and discuss the book with students and other people in the country.”  Already, there is an upsurge of enthusiasm in Monrovia of the news of the book launching there.


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