Sunday 25th February 2018,

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Little things that matter in marriage

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On this edition, we have invited Imam Adam Fofana who was born into the religion of Islam, in N’Zerekore, Guinea. He attended primary, secondary, and high school in Guinea and received school certificates upon completion of each level.

By the age of 14, Imam Fofana memorized the entire Qur’an, while studying in Guinea and Liberia. He earned the title of Hafiz, one who can recite the Qur’an by memory and won the national championship in Qur’an recitation in 1992 in Guinea.

Imam Fofana’s quest for knowledge and due to his memorization of the Qur’an, from 1994-1997, he attended the University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, majoring in Qur’an and Religious Studies. During Imam Fofana’s studies, he was appointed Imam of the University Mosque of Madinah.

While serving in that capacity he traveled to many countries to lead prayers and religious services. He became known for his excellent recitation and memorization of the entire Qur’an, prompting invitations to perform prayers for many religious communities, including a special prayer—Tarawih— in the Republic of Congo Brazzaville, United States and Malaysia of which he received certificates of appreciation from the Rector of the International Islamic University of Malaysia.


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