Sunday 25th February 2018,


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Liberian students distressed by Sandy Hook tragedy

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The Sandy Hook tragedy which left 20 people dead in ConnectiLiberian Schoolcut last Friday has grasped the attention of many across the world, including school going children in West Africa.

Children in the West African nation of Liberia today sympathized with victims of the Connecticut school shooting.

According to an AP report, seven -year-old Yaya Bette said: “It is not fair because other people’s children were killed for nothing … so we have come to say sorry.”

The Liberian children today presented a giant-size sympathy card and flowers to the United States Embassy near Monrovia in memory of the lives lost during the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut.

The Associated Press also reported that the U.S. Ambassador to Liberia, Deborah Malac, said she is “deeply touched” and the ceremony shows that “everyone shares the sorrows of the people of Newtown, Connecticut.”

In a related development, the FBI underscored that Adam Lanza undertook considerable preparation before the attack. The federal agency said stockpiling ammunition, smashing his computer and killing his mother as she slept are clear indications of how prepared the shooter was.


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