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Koutoubou reacts to Bamba 1 News report, “FELMAUSA heading for a free fall as top officials resign.”

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014, MN – In reaction to the publication of the resignation of Francis Duwana, as chairman and member of the Committee on Constitution and Ethic Affairs of FELMAUSA, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the federation, Mr. Sekou Koutoubou Fofana has reacted sharply to Bamba 1 News report under the headline, “FELMAUSA heading for a free fall as top officials resign.”      

“Felmausa will remain a beacon of hope for our community”

Mr. Sekou Koutoubou Fofana of FELMAUSA's Board

Mr. Sekou Koutoubou Fofana of FELMAUSA’s Board

According to a posting on his personal FaceBook page, the FELMAUSA Board Chairman said, “Are there people wishing for a free fall? I bet there are and if our fate were in the hands of those individuals, Felmausa would have been a thing of the past. With unwavering commitments from members of our community, Felmausa will remain a beacon of hope for our community even though the haters detest it.” 

Mr. Fofana said he wonders why when something positive happens within the federation, it never makes the news, “But every time something of a negative nature happens, it is immediately published? 

The FELMAUSA Board Chairman also wrote what appears  to be a wise-saying from people he refers to as his Nigerian friends, “Hmmmm, like my Nigerian friend would say,” “Wonders shall never end.”

It is not clear which positive stories he is referencing on his FaceBook postage, but prior to the just ended convention which was referred to by some as a mess, Bamba 1 Radio has been in contact with the Co-chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Liberian Associations in the USA, Mr. Sekou Kenneh to appear on its Sunday radio talk show to discuss his election to the board co-chairmanship. 

It is not clear if this was ever brought to the attention of Chairman Koutoubou, but the news outlet is still working on hosting Mr. Kenneh.

Mr. Trawally in black, greets an elder in Dallas, TX

Mr. Trawally in black, greets an elder in Dallas, TX

Bamba 1 News, a registered entity within the Sate of Minnesota under Bamba 1 Communication Services, operates on the principle of curiosity, fairness and accuracy. 

Within the framework of a year, many have been working behind close-doors to mend fragmented portions of the federation under the leadership of Bangalee Trawally. 

At some point in time in Dallas, Texas, during the inauguration of MATEX, the Mandingo Association of Texas, there were rumors of impeachment looming the FELMAUSA leadership, but it was later swept under the mat to give the president enough time to work.

With the resignation of Francis Duwana as chairman of CoCEA, Mohamed Sherif as chairman of the Education Committee, and Ansu Soumaoro as the organization’s youngest financial expert, it does not take a scientist to agree that FELMAUSA is heading for a free fall; a fall that could be damaging to the hopes of ethnic Mandingoes who depend on it. Related Story



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