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Keith Ellison frowns as Republicans shrink food assistance to Minnesotans by $40 billion

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Crystal, Minnesota, September 22, 2013-US Congressman Keith Ellison has accused House Republicans of voting to leave 32,000 Minnesotan hungry without food assistance to feed their families.

According Congressman Ellison, this week’s vote by The House majority reduced the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; SNAP by $40 billion dollars. He said plans by Republican also require struggling Minnesotans to be in a job or training program in order to be qualified for assistance to feed their loved ones.

Fifth District of Minnesota Representative, Keith Ellison

Fifth District of Minnesota Representative, Keith Ellison

The Congressman underscored that food assistance for Minnesota’s families fulfills a promise they make to each other that “If you fall on hard times, your neighbor and friends will help you get a meal.” Congressman Keith Ellison however told his district that there are so many reasons to oppose to the Republication’s action; this according to him is why he voted against the bill. Another reason why he voted against the bill according to Congressman Ellison is because it contravenes what Minnesotans believe. ”As a community, we help out when our neighbors get laid off from a job and have a hard time buying groceries.” 

The Congressman in an email to Bamba 1 News disclosed that nearly half of Minnesotans who receive food aids are school going children, and that eight in ten kids come from families living below the poverty guard line, he said parents of these kids make less than $22,000 yearly. “It’s possible a child on your block or in your apartment building will miss meals in the next few months because of the bill passed by Republicans,” he added.

“No one in the richest nation in the world should go hungry”

Congressman Keith Ellison also made clear that advocates of taking away food assistance argue that they don’t have the money in the federal budget; he said this is a cruel argument when they know that eighteen large companies dodged $92 billion in taxes last year. Congressman Ellison pointed out that, that amount is more than double the money that Republicans took from food assistance this week.

The Fifth District of Minnesota representative also said that stopping a handful of corporate tax dodgers would more than cover the cost of increasing food assistance for the Minnesota families who need it most.  “No one in the richest nation in the world should go hungry while corporations are hiding billions of dollars overseas.”  He vowed to continue to work for Minnesota values in Congress by advocating fully funding food assistance, and working toward a fair tax system.


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