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Joe Sackor details FELMAUSA’s medical mission

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FELMAUSA Medical Mission to Liberia

FELMAUSA Medical Mission to Liberia

Joseph Sackor is former Vice President for Operation of the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA, FELMAUSA. About a year ago, Hon. Sackor led a group of Liberians to Monrovia, Liberia during which Liberians irrespective of tribes, religion and political affiliations received free drugs, treatment among other things.

As if this was not enough, Hon. Sackor is galvanizing the support volunteers including medically inclined individuals from the United States to form a part of the second medical mission of FELMAUSA.

In an interview with Bamba 1 Communication Services, Lassana Bamba of our staff requested Hon. Joseph Sackor to detail what this second medical mission is all about? Here is Lassana Bamba followed by Hon. Sackor, click to listen…




  • Bro. Joe keep up the good works !

    • Thank you so much for the comment, it is well appreciated.

  • My dear tribal members, I was very pleased and happy to have seen the work of this organization in Liberia last year. You did a great job and still wanting to do more. It is a pleasure for me to comment on your selflessness to help our people who are in dying need of such treatment and medication. I have knew Bro. Joe for several years now, and know for his generosity and caring behavior. One can retrospect on his preformance in N’zerekore during our refugee time. How he was helpful to every one without discrimition. He is knew to be a humanitarian. Keep it up Brother Joe and FELMUSA, we are proud of you.

    • Nematu Kamara, thank you so much for your superb and stirring comments, I personally think your comments are well in place. People need to be praised for their good deeds while they are alive.

  • Keep up

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