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It is normal to have friction, turning your back is not an option: Sidibay

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President Sidibay of Matex

President Sidibay of Matex

The newly elected president of the Mandingo Association of Texas, Isiaka Sidibay, has stressed the need for lasting peace in his community.

Speaking to Bamba 1 News at Regency Hotel in Dallas, Texas, the new community servant said it is normal to have friction, but turning your back to the public is not an option.     He said without peace, the Dallas Mandingo community is prone to fail.

Mr. Sidibay who appeared practical in his utterances said, the Texas Mandingo community is bigger than individuals and as such, those who disagree with his leadership need to rise above their personal problems and become propellers of the community.

His statement was in direct reference to the outcome of the elections which he, Isiaka, is believed to have won with what some call “a landslide.”

At Ramada hotel in northern Dallas, pundits of the Mandingo community in the United States, including Mr. Bangalee Trawally, president of FELMAUSA, the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA, Mohamed Dorley, acclaimed president of MMA, The Minnesota Mandingo Association, Sekou Kenneh, Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors of FELMAUSA, Mamadee Sesay, Executive Director of OLM, the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota, and elders of Dallas all used their negotiating skills in vain to sway a young Mandingo man only referred to as Joe to accept what they all called peace, but to no avail.

Mr. Isiaka Sidibay addressing the delegation

Mr. Isiaka Sidibay addressing the delegation

At one point, Joe attempted leaving the scene of the negotiation because he did not want to be photograph.   After receiving a warning not to take picture of Joe, Bamba 1 News continued its coverage of the event.

“To be able to lead, you must be willing to be criticized.”  

Matex’s new president who appears to be the youngest Mandingo community leader in the United States seemed well focused as he spoke.   Prior to his departure from the scene of the negotiation he said, “I will accept what the community wants.”

Mr. Isiaka Sidibay also told this news outlet that, “To be able to lead, you must be willing to be criticized.”

He called on members of the Mandingo community to remain focus on what he calls, “the big picture.”   The big picture he said is forming alliance with other African communities in Texas.

In a very relax but serious manner, President Sidibay said he wants to make sure that members in his community have a voting bloc within the United States.

As the interview progressed, it was evident that the new community leader is well respected in his area.

Pedestrians, including children and olds folks continually interrupted the interview in an attempt to greet their president.

At one point, the microphone had to be paused to allow him time to greet some of the young children.   “Hello Mr. President” a child believes to be nine years old said, “I am sorry Mr. Bamba,” Isiaka said.

Prior to the program, it was observed that the president spend more time between  Regency Hotel and Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport.    According to sources, he did not want to leave any guest stranded at the airport.

Other officials of Matex, including its secretary general, Vakise Kromah, were busy serving separate functions.   The head of the elders, Mr. Noah Sanoe, said it was the first of its kind to receive such influx of guests on a single occasion in Dallas.

Others maintained that this is the best of all programs that the Mandingo community has ever undertaken in the history of Matex.

Mr. Isiaka Sidibay who appeared overwhelmed at the end of the interview said the arrival of his visitors from across the United States was very remarkable, “This is a very humble experience for Texas.” He concluded.


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