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Islamic Cleric slams Nigerian militant group, Boko Haram

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An Islamic Cleric has slammed the Nigerian militant group, Boko Haram, for terrorizing innocent people under the disguise of Islamic Jihad.


Cleric Gofin Kosiah

Cleric Gofin Kosiah

Cleric Gofin Kosiah of Philadelphia said, some people under the disguise of Jihad (Crusade) wound, terrorize or kill others in order to achieve personal, cultural and political egos.

“My little understanding of Islam tells me that they seem to be worse than the peoples they kill.  I consider them more enemies to Islam and Muslims than those whom they kill without any justification, although “justification” could be subjective depending whom you talk to.  “BOKA HARAM” has been around for a while but I wonder if this is what they actually call themselves or if it is a label given to them by people.”

According to the Islamic Cleric, his reaction comes in the wake of Boko Haram’s continual act of forbidding education.  “I’m questioning this because any Muslim who forbids education, especially the ones that are beneficial to humanity, regardless of what ever language it is, is in violation of the very Islam he/she claims to defend.”

The Philadelphia based Islamic Cleric pointed out that “The Qur’an say that we (Muslims) are (should be) the best of all generations created for the benefit of humanity (including non-Muslims); Qur’an 3:110.

He said, adding the prefix “Western” to claim that “Western Education is Forbidding” is just a feeble thinking.   He said the action of Boko Haram simply portrays that education is wrong.   The Islamic Cleric was concern as to what the militant group is actually fighting against.

“I was very baffled when I saw their so called spokesman standing in front of a video camera, wearing a camouflage, with a gun.”

He quoted The Prophet as declaring that seeking knowledge is an obligation upon all Muslims.   He said when The Prophet was commissioned as a Messenger, the very first command given to him by Allah  was to read. He said this can be found in Qur’an 96:1.

“When Allah (SWT) created and put life into our progenitor ADAM (AS), the first asset given to him by Allah (SWT) was knowledge.   I urge the whole world to fight them in whatever way that will deter or stop them from living anti-clockwise.   I was very baffled when I saw their so called spokesman standing in front of a video camera, wearing a camouflage, with a gun, cell phone (all of which are the products ) of the same “Western Education he claims they are against.  The Islamic Cleric said that kidnapping over two hundred innocent girls and claiming in a video post that “Allah” gave them the authority to sell them is something that no normal human would do. “Come on, Muslims are better and wiser than that.”

Imam Kosiah what is disturbing is the militant’s attacked a village few days ago that left over 300 innocent people.

“I’m neither a Nigerian nor do Muslims need to explain their decency to anybody, but we feel obliged by conscience and morality to draw the attention that injustice against anyone in any part of the world is not just unIslamic, but demonic and the whole world should reject such criminality.”

The Iman also made clear that exercising religious dominance through violence and intimidation is a form of ignorance.

He said Allah (God) ordains Muslims to propagate “His religion” with wisdom and beautiful preaching, not through kidnapping, forcibly marrying women to men.

He also said, calling those kidnapped children slaves, killings and terrorizing them are not part of the “beautiful preaching.”

He also disclosed that he does not agree that one  religion is better than another, “Reasons might be either you were born in that environment and exposed primarily to the scriptural texts and teachings of said religion, or otherwise. I want you to please put yourself into the situation of that non-Muslim who has a complete opposite situation like yours. The best way forward is to be like a mirror by deeds, through which people will interpret Islam and admire you and follow by conviction, but neither by threat nor duress. This is how Islam spread so rapidly and vastly with almost anyone who accepted, never exited, because their acceptance was by convictions.  Let us all contribute to make this world a just and peaceful place to live, which will facilitate our service to Allah (SWT) and give us salvation. May Allah give us wisdom, forgive our deceased and guide us the livings. Ameen” He concluded.

He made these statements through a telephone conversation with Bamba 1 News, part of this report was gathered from his online posting.


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