Sunday 25th February 2018,

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“I would not have granted him audience even if we met” Mohamed Kamara-TX

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A member of the Metax, Texas Mandingo Association, Mohamed Kamara has said that if he had met with FELMAUSA’ President, Bangalee Trawally in Dallas, he would not have granted him audience.

Mohamed Kamara, Dallas, Texas

Mohamed Kamara, Dallas, Texas

In an exclusive interview with Bamba 1 News, Mohamed Kamara said, he does not give credence to “people who are easily manipulated.”

Mr. Kamara called on his community to do away with personal connections and focus on challenges they are faced with.

During the same interview, Mr. Kamara blasted journalists for “Unbalance reporting,” and called on them to desist from promoting individuals in what he calls, “Fragile Mandingo communities.”  He said reporters need to balance their stories prior to publication.

Prior to his valuation, Lassana Bamba of our staff asked him, why was he in Minnesota?

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