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“I don’t believe in Mandingoism, re-election is the way forward” Francis Duwana

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Francis Duwana

Mr. Francis Duwana

Since the election of Mr. Musa Fofana of Atlanta, Georgia, as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA, there have been allegations that the process was not free and fair.

Bamba1News has been investigating what actually went wrong during the process; the news outlet interviewed a prominent member of the Board, Mr. Francis Duwana and the outgoing Chairman of the Board of Directors of FELMAUSA, Mr. Famod Konneh.

Due to the length of the recording, Bamba1News will publish the two interviews separately, beginning with Mr. Duwana.

In an exclusive interview with Bamba1News, Mr. Francis Duwana who represents the State of Pennsylvania on the Board of Directors of the federation has underscored that his exclusion from the election process was not valid. He vows never to form a part of the newly elected board unless there is a redo of the entire process. Give this a listen through Bamba1News podcast.




  • Thank you MR bamba foe your professionalism in conducting this interview. My concern is regarding the last questionyou asked Mr Duana. I think yes there’s a question or two that need (s) to be asked.
    1: if a representative from a chapter is in violation with the code of ethics of the board, who decides the penalty imposed on him? Is it the chairman of the board or the entire body that decides?
    2: Is it anywhere in the code of ethics of the board a law or rule that authorizes the chairman to deny a member the right to vote? If yes we will be glad to know that. If no what’s the requirement to deal with such incident?
    Thank you Mr Bamba and I’m looking forward to hearing from you if you find the appropriate answers to these questions. Keep up with the good work

  • Mr. Duwana is clear and is in line with the rules. He didn’t violate any laws as the chairman alleged!

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