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“I am stepping aside with immediate effect/suspending my membership for time indefinite” Kenneh reacts

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The Co-chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA has resigned.

Mr. Sekou Kenneh

Mr. Sekou Kenneh

In a letter addressed to the custodian of the Board, Sekou Koutoubou Fofana, and the community, Sekou Kenneh blamed his resignation on the current “Commotion” regarding the Minnesota Mandingo Association’s representation on the board. “I am stepping aside from the FELMAUSA Board with immediate effect.”

In a related development, Sekou Kenneh has also suspended his membership with the Minnesota Mandingo Association until its current President Kafumba Kromah leaves office.

Nearly two weeks ago, MMA recalled Sekou Kenneh and former President Mohamed Enzah Dorley from the federation’s board, a move that was partially criticized by some community members, including Mohamed Sherif of Philadelphia.  The recall also claimed the attention of people outside of MMA.

Siaka Toure, president of (WIMAM) the Wisconsin Mandingo Association, hinted in an online posting that “If Opinion leader was elected as Co-chair of the BOD that is to the fact that he represents a chapter of Felmausa.  If the chapter deems that they no longer needs him to represent them, so be it.”

The WIMAM leader also agreed that Sekou Kenneh was doing “Good Job” on the board.  Mr. Toure was quick to point out that maintaining Mr. Kenneh on the board is “Jurisprudence.”  He said any attempt to deny MMA its legitimate representatives would also be an intrusion into its affairs,  “And WISCONSIN won’t stand and see that happen because the ‘same rope that tie the baboon will obviously tie the monkey some days.”

For his part, Abraham Turay of St. Paul, Minn. called on parties involved to exercise patience while the board decides.  In response to a Facebook post by former President Dorley, Layee Sekou Sirleaf of New York wrote, “Thx Prezo, de co-chairman was elected n he’s not going anywhere til 2yrs is over.”

Vakise Kromah of Dallas cautioned Mr. Dorley to focus on “Mandingo all times, don’t let them destroy our beloved community.”  This statement won acclamation from Khalil Dukuly who said “It is very difficult to deal with our people.”

Since their recall, the community has been watching the Board of Directors with an eagle’s eye. Few days ago, the board conducted a teleconference that did not yield positive results.

MMA’s letter of recall, addressed to the Chairman of the board said their recalls took immediate effect, and that they were replaced by Alh Donzo and Molly Kamara, a businessman in Brooklyn Center, Minn. Related Story

Even though the board had not made any public pronouncement on the recall, but Alh Donzo was quick to sign his name on Facebook as board member.

Sekou Kenneh was appointed to the FELMAUSA Board by then President Mohamed Dorley of the Minnesota Mandingo Association.  He was elected Co-chairman  in September 2013, he later became Chairman for a Joint Committee constituted by both the board and the administration of FELMAUSA.

His mission was to insure that the federation is in good standing with the (IRS) Internal Revenue Services. The federation failed to secure it 501C3 status under the then Bility led administration.

Mr. Kenneh was challenged by those who appointed him to this committee to restore the 501C3 status, he was said to have been doing well on this project.

If FELMAUSA fails to restore this status, the federation’s prestigious medical mission to Liberia is likely to fade away like tin smolder on a burning farm.  There are reports that some donors are becoming reluctant due to this debacle.


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