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“Harrowing December,” The book flew freely through the windows and the doors like doves

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Francis Duwana, Philadelphia – ACCANA, in Philadelphia was the venue for the lunching of the book – “Harrowing December”. The book flew freely through the windows and the doors like doves. According to King Mohammed Kamara, a total of 85 copies of Harrowing December plus 20 copies of the associated “memoir” were sold.DSC_0652

The lunching ceremony was scheduled at 3 pm, December 13. By 3 pm, the ACCANA Hall was prepared for the occasion, but very empty, thanks to what seems to be an intrenched characteristics of most members of the Liberian Community.

By 3:30 pm or there about, I placed a phone call to one of the icons in our community; I informed him that I had just counted 14 persons. By 4:15 I counted just a little over 30 attendees.

The MC, Abubarkar Soko Sackor then announced that the lunching would definitely start at 5 pm, two hours difference – between 3pm and 5pm.  The program started at 5 pm with a mixture of very smart and engaging remarks, and some totally boring and pointless talks. Yet the objective of the ceremony was overly achieved, from my point of view.

In 45 minutes of the start of the ceremony and as I turn around to assess the number of attendees, I was excited to see how packed the ACCANA Hall has become. Although there were yet fewer seats, comparatively, I really became relaxed and sincerely happy. King Mohammed later confided that there were well over a hundred attendants.

As stated earlier, 70 of the 85 copies were sold. In addition to the 70 sold copies, all 20 of the accompanying memoirs were sold.

In the PROLOGUE of the MOMO Dudu’s authored Harrowing December and in which Prof. Dudu is further paying tribute to the now late Mary Anne Schwalbe, Prof. Dudu writes: “Each of our individual journeys, as a Liberian who lived through the war, mirrored those of the majority of our fellow citizens.” More than that, we all, to some extent have very similar, if not Identical beginning…”

The Above is so true; it holds water. So, the beginning of the book itself is founded on true, and nothing but the true.

In a side comment, former Felmausa Board Chairman, Famoud Konneh, observed that book writing entails much work and time consuming that it cannot be viewed on any profit making scale.

Chairman Konneh summed his side comment by insisting that Prof Dudu has only invested his passion and resources well beyond any one’s imagination, that MOMO SEKOU DUDU will ever make or intend to make profit from the book.

He concluded that we, the now and future readers of HARROWING DECEMBER stand to gain profit by reading and understanding the book.


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