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GWJ Ed. Foundation Offers Scholarships to Grand Gedean Students

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It has been several weeks since Gibson W. Jerue and his wife began praying, planning and working out modalities on how to be of assistance to younger Liberian generations.

Gibson W. Jarue

Gibson W. Jarue

Their prayers and planning which involved conducting a feasibility study on their desire to extend helping hands to those who need it most, especially indigent and struggling students in different categories of the Liberian school system, have resulted into the formation of the Gibson W. Jerue Education Foundation.

As a way celebrating their shared dream, the Gibson W. Jerue Education Foundation based in Fargo, North Dakota, United States, has released an initial amount of $31,200 Liberian Dollars to the foundation’s Liberia Coordinator, Mr. Isaac Kai.

According to a press release, the amount which is already in the possession of Mr. Kai will be used to sponsor five out of ten students targeted for academic year 2013/2014 at the University of Liberia.

Students to benefit from the scholarship are Fred Tailey and Emmanuel P. Tenney of Tchien District, Kanio Blitaye and Mark Kawea of Gbarzon District and Christine Nywoeh of Konobo District, all in Liberia; they are all freshmen at the University of Liberia.

The release further states that students at college and university levels will have to maintain the minimal GPA of 2.50 and take up to 21 credits to be qualified, and at the same time those in grade schools would be required to obtain the minimum of 80% or B average in order to remain enrolled in the foundation’s scholarship program.

As things evolve, the foundation according to report will extend its projects to private colleges and universities across Liberia, and preparations are underway for the Gibson W. Jerue Education to become a partner of the University of Liberia’s external scholarship intake program.

“She has been awesome partner in my life”

The foundation’s Chief Executive Office, Gibson W. Jerue, is however extending thanks and appreciations to those who encouraged him through the continuation of this program, especially his wife. ”In this light I would like to thank my wife, Delbra, for her support to this project, especially at a time when bills and other responsibilities are sucking every dime out of us. She has been awesome partner in my life and in all that I do, and I am grateful to her.” (Jerue)

It can be recalled that the civil war in Liberia left the country’s educational system completely demoralized, the war which lasted nearly 15 years is believed to have claimed the lives of nearly 300,000 people. Liberians in the Diasporas have been struggling to dig out of their pockets in an effort to rebuild their country’s ravaged infrastructures, but oversea bill payment system tend to post a serious challenge to this scheme.


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