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Gambians to hold new leaders’ foot to fire after Jammeh

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The need for Diasporas Gambians to assist in rebuilding their country has been stressed. Papa Faal, author as well as political activist said the problem in his native land did not start overnight, therefore it’s revamping requires the involvement of all.

Mr. Faal mentioned, that Gambia would not have been liberated from tyranny if citizens had not taken actions through democratic mean. He said the fact that Gambians spoke with collective voice, they were able to eliminate a dictator through democracy.  

Author Papa Faal of the Gambian Association of MN

He disclosed that the inability of leaders to cater to the needs of Gambia and its citizenry compared citizens to act as watchdogs of society.  

He is however encouraging Gambians to hold the country’s leaders accountable for their actions, “We have to hold the leaders foot to the fire to do the right thing,” he said.

Mr. Faal, a veteran of the US Air Force, said the lack of press freedom, as well as the government’s strive to gain economically from Gambians encouraged citizens to give former president, Yayha Jammeh, “The benefit of the doubts.”  

In an effort to propel the country forward, he encouraged Gambians to work assiduously hard by putting the nation first before personal interest.

He cautioned his countrymen not to give anyone a blind trust to lead the country, “We can’t rely on others to solve our problem,” he stressed.

Mr. Faal made these remarks over the weekend when he served as keynote speaker at programs marking the celebration of Gambia’s independence. The program was held in North Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Papa Faal is a political activist as well as a freedom fighter. He and several Gambian soldiers staged a failed coup attempt to end the brutal rules of Yayha Jammeh in 2014.  Also in 2009, Mr. Faal left the US Air Force and joined the army as a commissioned officer, and was later deployed in Afghanistan in 2011.


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