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Four Liberian immigrants suffered non-life-threatening injuries in a car crash on I 90-Wisconsin

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Sekou Gina Toure

Sekou Gina Toure

Massa Kromah

Massa Kromah

Leo Sesay

Leo Sesay

Maplewood, Minnesota-Four members of the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA were this morning involved in a serious rollover (accident) in Wisconsin following the inauguration of their President, Bangalee Trawally, in Minnesota.

According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, the four suffered non-life-threaten injuries. Those involved in the accident are Sekou Gina Toure, Massa Kromah, Leo Sesay and Bangalee Konneh, all from Pennsylvania.

Reports have it that Sekou Gina Toure and Bangalee Konneh are currently receiving treatment in the ER at the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

Massa Kromah has been moved into a separate room for further treatment. Sekou Gina Toure and Massa Kromah were able to speak to Mr. Bangalee Trawally, President of FELMAUSA.

According to Bangalee Trawally, Mr. Toure suffered back and head injuries, while Massa is at the moment receiving stitches due to bodily injuries.

The injuries of both Leo Sesay and Bangalee Konneh are not yet known, but Bamba 1 News was told that Leo has communicated with families and friends.

The President of the Minnesota Mandingo Association, Mohamed Dorley this morning broke the news to the Minnesota community.

Efforts have been made by a representative of UULA, to enter the hospital, but to no avail.

Some members of the Wisconsin Mandingo Association have been dispatched to visit the victims. The accident happened at about 6:49 a.m. near Lyndon Station, eastbound I 90.



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