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Founders of CLA dented for “Bright idea”

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Founders of an emerging organization, Chapter Leaders Association, have been dented for what they consider, “Bright idea.”  The founders were condemned by a long time community critic, Ousman Bamba, alias Obe.

Chairman Koutoubou Fofana of FELMAUSA

Chairman Koutoubou Fofana of FELMAUSA

Appearing as guest over the weekend on a weekly talk-show, Community and You, aired on Bamba 1 Radio at 1:30 on Sundays, Obe recounted that the creation of CLA is not in the best interest of the Federation.

He disclosed that the formation of CLA is counterproductive to the existence of lasting peace within the first largest Mandingo organization in the world.

FELMAUSA is the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA, it comprises of 13 chapters. A chapter is a representation of an association from a state within the United States, each of which makes up a part of a whole.

Justifying his views, Obe hinted that members of CLA are the same individuals who represent chapters of FELMAUSA on its board as Board of Directors. In his public comment, he named board Chairman, Sekou Koutoubou Fofana, as an example. 

Views expressed by Mr. Bamba suggest that one cannot be the governor and the governed at the same time. On the talk-show, he posed a question that same to have resonated with listeners.

His hypothetical question was, in an event where there is a problem between the Board of Directors of FELMAUSA and chapter leaders of the same federation, how would Chairman Fofana settle such dispute since he is a member of both entities? 

This hypothesis seemed realistic to Morris M. Kromah of Milwaukee. He disclosed on the talk-show that, as head of the Wisconsin Mandingo Association, WIMAM, he had projected similar proposal; from the lenses of Obe’s criticism, Mr. Kromah agreed that he now sees what was not visible to him at the time. 

On December 8, 2014, at about 10:46 am central time, this news outlet contacted Chairman Fofana on his reaction to the hypothetical question presented by Obe.  His T-mobile voice mail was full and no message was left for him because he had commented on this issue before.

  Chairman, Co-chairman and Secretary of the Board embraced the formation

It is not clear how this will interplay if there is a problem as indicated by Obe, but so far, members of CLA seem excited with the formation of the new organization. 

CLA is headed by Kafumba Kromah, president of the Minnesota Mandingo Association. Contacting Mr. Kromah regarding CLA wasn’t necessary at this time.

Few weeks ago, the Chairman, Co-chairman and Secretary of the Board of Directors of the FELMAUSA embraced the formation of CLA. During their appearance on the same weekly talk-show, “Community and You,” the trio said CLA  would enable chapter leaders facilitate easy communication.

They added that the formation of the new organization would boost interpersonal communication amongst leaders of chapters that make up FELMAUSA.

Whether this information is accurate or not, that is something worth seeing, but to the contrary, others such as Obe think that CLA is a town bomb waiting to explode within FELMAUSA.


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