Sunday 25th February 2018,


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Foundation for Peace and Justice on Bamba 1 Radio @ 1:30 today

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Bamba 1 Radio will today host the Foundation for Peace and Justice from the Republic of Ghana at 1:30 Central Daylight Time.Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 9.50.19 AM

Since 2007, FPJ remains a registered non-governmental organization in Ghana. It is primarily focused on advocacy, peace building and counseling through visitations to police cells, as well as seeking the welfare of inmates and refugees.

FPJ does peace building through arbitration between conflicting parties as well as counseling people through difficult situations.

Investigations conducted by FPJ concerning Liberian refugees with serious health related problems like Heart, kidney, liver, Stroke and other major illnesses, revealed that they have received very little attention from the UNHCR.

Today’s discussion will also focus on how FPJ is impacting Liberian refugees among others at the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana.  Is it ideal to bear refugee status in Ghana when there is an elected president in Liberia?  How is the redevelopment of Buduburam Refugee Camp by the Government of Ghana impacting Liberian refugees?

Moazu Kromah is a Liberian IT guru with considerable numbers of cross platform certifications, a former head of Liberian IT Students/Professionals Association in Ghana (LITSPGA), a teacher, and a prominent stakeholder in the Buduburam community since May 14, 2000.

He will appear on “Community and You” with Mr. Emmert Tumbay, Program Director of FPJ.

To be a non-participating listener, go to and access our radio player to listen live.

To contribute to the discussion and to ask questions, call 530-881-1212 and key in access code 704-983-893 #, press *61 to ask question.

Our main studio number is 888-852-6773 or 612-225-3088. Text question to 763-477-8604.

The two hour program starts at 1:30 Central Daylight time, 2:30 Eastern Time, and 6:00 pm (GMT) in Ghana.

Don’t forget that DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME begins today.


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