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Fire engulf prominent Mandingo business in Philadelphia

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FELMAUSA, the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA, is mourning the loss of a prominent Mandingo business on Woodland Avenue in Philadelphia as a result of fire damages. Abubakarseleke Soko Sackor Jr reports.

Abdulayee Quisiah

Abdulayee Quisiah

The tax offices of Felmausa’s Vice President for Operations, Hon. Abdulayee Quisiah, came under attack from a blazing wild fire this morning. According to preliminary information, firefighters battled the infernal for hours before finally subduing it at about 4 am.

Police have barricaded the 61st and 62nd streets intersections, while investigations into the cause of the fire is ongoing. However, first round investigation indicates that the blazing infernal may have been started from the beauty salon adjacent to the VPO’s office on Woodland Avenue.

It is the hope of FELMAUSA that the aftermath of the fire will not functionally paralyze Mr. Quisaiah’s business enterprise.  The FELMAUSA listserv has received sympathies from friends and relatives across the nation.

In a related development, King Mohamed Kamara of Philadelphia now brings you updates from the scene of the fire.

According to an eye witness account, the fire outbreak began in nearby stores. In total, we’ve learnt that about four stores (businesses) were affected by the fire.

Up till press time, Mr. Gofin Kosha has not been able to access the facility as authorities are still investigating the cause of the disaster. Viewing the VPO’s business center from the outside, one can presume that almost everything was destroyed.



  • My thoughts are with the Koshia during these difficult times. We will keep them in our prayers.

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