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FELMAUSA to have two board chairmen under one leadership “No individual board member or chapter will be banned” Duwana

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Philadelphia Photo Credit Lassana Bamba

Photo Credit Lassana Bamba

Crystal, Minnesota-The administration of the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Association in the USA, led by Mohammed Bility is at the moment having what it terms “Election” of members of the Board of Directors of the federation in Philadelphia.

This follows the election of Mr. Musa Fofana of Atlanta, Georgia as Chairman of the Board of Directors of FELMAUSA on August 30, 2013. The August 30, election of Mr. Fofana was blemished by disagreement, but the current Board Chairman, Famod Konneh maintained it was free, fair, and transparent.

According to an email from Mr. Francis Duwana, a potential aspirant for the co-chairmanship of the board, which surfaced on the listserv of the federation this morning at 11:53 A.M., No individual board member or chapter will be banned or barred from the elections.”

Analyzing so far from what has evolved for the past week; one can easily infer that decisions made by the FELMAUSA administration following this board election will be decisive in moving the organization forward.

Bamba 1 News has gathered that the inauguration of Mr. Bangalee Trawally, the incoming leader of FELMAUSA is likely to be disrupted if Musa Fofana is not inaugurated.

The source of this information disclosed that supporters of Mr. Fofana are planning, making sure that their “legitimate” chairman of the federation is inaugurated. Asked who this “legitimate” chairman is, Bamba 1 News was told “if Mr. Musa Fofana is not inaugurated on Saturday, we will disrupt the program.” Another supporter of Mr. Fofana vowed never to sit aside and allow “Mohammed Bility impose his will on us.”

It is not clear what Saturday will be like, but one thing is definite, they will all converge under the same roof with different mindsets. Whether these divergent mindsets will explode into scuffle or not, that is something to watch for when the installing officer walks to the stage.

In related development, the FELMAUSA Independent Election Commission has released the names of Manyou MAS Bility of Wisconsin, Musa M. Konneh, Wisconsin and Asata Kamara of Georgia for the positions of National Assistant Secretary General, Financial Secretary and National Treasurer respectively.

According to Mr. Vamuyan A. Sirleaf, Acting Chairman of the commission, the names were qualified following a careful analysis and intensive background check of the candidates.


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