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FELMAUSA manipulated New York to form ONYMA: Kafumba Kromah

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Hon. Kafumba Kromah

Hon. Kafumba Kromah

Crystal, Minnesota, February 17, 2014 – The lone presidential aspirant of The Minnesota Mandingo Association, Kafumba Kromah, has blamed his lack of support for the formation of FELMAUSA on divisionary practice.

Mr. Kromah pointed out that his refusal to attend conventions of FELMAUSA is due to how the organization was established. “I have never attended FELMAUSA conventions because they side-lined LIMANY and they manipulated New York to form ONYMA.”

He made the statement on the same day officials of the Organization of New York Mandingo (ONYMA) were installed and based on his statement, it not clear how the new leaderships ONYMA and MMA will work with together, especially as chapters of FELMAUSA.

In what appeared to be a low attended debate, Mr. Kromah vowed to “Take the fight” to the federal Mandingo organization if it fails its constitutional obligation to chapters.  

Mr. Kromah said his obligation to the people of Minnesota is primary. “Our buddy thing will not stand in the way of our official discharge of duties.”  He further said that friendship has no room in his journey to defend MMA.

He stressed that he will not defend any member of his organization caught making irresponsible comments about others on FELMAUSA’s listserv.  


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  • The comment by the President of MMA is not only irresponsible but also divisive. We expect our leaders to be the building blocks not destructive elements.

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