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FELMAUSA lacks motivation/Open letter hints

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Crystal, MN – Less than two days following the celebration of the most prestigious Mandingo gathering in the United States, Mohamed Sherif, Chairman of FELMAUSA’s Education Committee has resigned with immediate effect. sh

This news is expected to hit the FELMAUSA leadership hard in the face, especially at a time when the administration is at the moment striving to win the support and trust of the people it serves. 

A letter published on the organization’s listserv on August 25, 2014, at 10:00 pm central day light time says, “It is going to take actionable leadership, one that is selflessly committed to the ideals of investing in the future of Liberia” to achieve the objective of sponsoring students in that country.  

Analytically, this means that the current leadership of FELMAUSA lacks of motivation to further the education mission to Ebola ravaged Liberia. The open letter which is addressed to President Bangaly Trawally squarely puts blames on the laps on the president. It says the goal of the Education Committee was to sponsor students in critical need areas and to ensure that they actually graduate and on time.

Making the disclosure in his communique yesterday, Mr. Sherif underscored that during the just ended convention in Philadelphia, his committee had planned on an annual recognition program known as “Honoring our Graduates.” He said this project was prevented from receiving funding, and needed resources were also misapplied. 

The letter projected that the graduates were not honored and the scholarship program came to a complete full-stop. “Going forward, I hope that both the scholarship and honoring programs will receive the requisite funding because it is the right thing to do.” Mr. Sheirf said he had made similar request when he presented his year-end report.

In early 2013, under the Bility administration, he said they had started an initiative called, “Investing In Liberia’s Future.” Whether this initiative succeeded or not, that remains unknown. 

Plunging into his letter of resignation further, it became visible that in as much as Mohamed Sherif is stepping down as Education Committee Chair, he is interested in leaving a legacy that others would follow. It says, he is inviting relevant auditing authorities to institute an immediate examination of his office.

According to Mohamed Sherif, auditing his records would be a legacy he wishes to leave as an imprint for others to follow.  Related Story



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