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FELMAUSA heading for a free fall as top officials resign

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Capture10“I am constrained, out of some demonstrated factors at the just ended Convention, to respectfully submit this missive in which, I am revealing this  regrettable but humble decision to resign my Chairmanship and member of the Committee on Constitution and Ethic Affairs [CoCEA).  This action is regrettable but necessary as I am now convinced that many, if not, all the Federation members including higher ups, either do not read or understand the Constitution, especially in lights of the role it is or must occupy in the Federation.  Therefore, as a member and head of the COCEA Committee, I no further see the relevance of my title and membership,” those were the key elements in Mr. Duwana’s letter to the chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA. 

The statement which came to the attention of the board at about 14:11 pm on Monday, September 1, 2014, was regarded as a big surprise, especially knowing who Francis Duwana is. He will always fight for his rights and make sure that constitutional adherence is implemented to the fullest.

In a letter addressed to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of FELMAUSA, Mr. Duwana pointed out that he appreciates the considerations by members of the board to have elected him, but he strongly believes that they do not see the importance of considering each provision of the organization’s constitution.  

Without realizing the importance of the organic laws of the organization, Mr. Duwana said, FELMAUSA will continue to experience governing and other obligatory problems.

Since the formation of the organization, Francis Duwana has been interested in being on the side of a constitution that would guide moves in the Federation. “In this regard, I can assure myself that I have tried.”  

According to Mr. Duwana’s letter, in the process trying, he has made some enemies, especially those who are trigger happy to transform every action or comments to a personal level. 

He said he can live with those unhappy people, and that he holds no personal dispute against any member of the board, administration and chapters.   

He quoted a former first lady of the United States whose name was not provided in his letter, as saying that, “If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, get out”.  He said other accounts are “If you cannot do, then get out of the way.”  

Francis Duwana has just realized the heat in the kitchen is just too hot for him to stand, and as such, he has decided to “Get out of the kitchen and to further get out of the way.”

Mr. Sekou Kenneh

Mr. Sekou Kenneh

It appears as if the just ended convention and the election of the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of FELMAUSA factored the resignation of Mr. Duwana. “As per the demonstration of the last FeLMAUSA convention, I have completely, full heartedly, in hole and not in part accepted the “extension” of membership by the Arizonan Chapter to another member of whom I believe is a full-fledged member of another chapter. I remain opposed to the constitutionality.  MY position now is regardless of being in support of; or not being in support of the constitutionality. I have to adopt that unfortunately constitution means very little to our Federation.”

Reluctantly, the letter concluded that, “From now on ward, it will be a new day and new chapter in the FeLMAUSA’s affairs, for me.  I just do not know what I can or will be doing.  I really do not know.  But FeLMAUSA will remain cherished to me and for which I will remain committed. Whatever is done now and onward and by who ever will be constitutional for me. Or, at best, “MANDINGOISM.”

Mohamed Sherif of Philadelphia

Mohamed Sherif of Philadelphia

This brings to three the number of senior officials resigning key positions within the federation. Nearly a week ago, Mohamed Sherif, former chairman of the Education Committee of FELMAUSA resigned due to what he called “Lack of motivation” from the administration. 

It can also be recalled that the youngest financial expert of the federation, Ansu Soumaoro, resigned for fear of getting into trouble with the Internal Revenue Services. This was because the organization lost it’s 501 (c) 3 under former President Mohammed S. Bility of Philadelphia. DSC_0174

The organization’s Public Relations Officer, King Mohammed Kamara has already began campaigning for the presidency of FELMAUSA, which brings into question his sincerity in serving the current administration.  Related Story

Viewing the concurrent resignations of key players within the organization, it is very easy to deduce that FELMAUSA is heading for a free fall, thereby dashing the hopes of ethnic Mandingoes worldwide. 



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