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Fear of public outcry pushes community leader to form election commission / LIMAP, a case study

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Abubakarseleke Soko Sackor Jr., Philadelphia, PA – The President of the Liberian Mandingo Association of Pennsylvania, Talata Sheriff, has constituted a-five-man election commission to efficiently conduct the organization’s general elections this year.

Talata Y. Sheriff

Talata Y. Sheriff

Those appointed are Mr. King Mohammed Kamara, Chairman of the Commission, Mr. Mussa Obiba Dorleh-Co-Chair, Mr. Abubakarseleke Soko Sackor Jr., Secretary General, Hon. Musa Willie, member and Hon. Mustapha Konneh, member.

The commission is expected to hasten the electoral process in order to avoid political upheaval and public outcry from members of the community and oppositions intending to contest.

Already, some members of the community have begun murmuring concerns over the issue of election taking place against the constitutionally acceptable time.

King Mohammed Kamara

King Mohammed Kamara

But according to President Sheriff, before the appointment of this commission, a prior commission had been constituted, but the chairman of that commission resigned due to personal issues; this led to the reformation of a second committee to oversee the process.

The LIMAP leadership was not able to meet the June 28th of 2014 deadline for election.

According to administrative inner circles, obstacles leading to the impossibility of conducting this year’s elections as mandated by the constitutions were solely due to the abrupt interferences of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and the FELMAUSA convention.
As of now, on one has expressed interest in the presidency of LIMAP to contest with the incumbent, Talata Sheriff. All positions in the organization are at the moment contestable.

Meanwhile, Chairman King Mohammed Kamara and team have since submitted a proposed budget to the administration and the Board of Directors for approval.

Three days ago, the Sheriff administration, in consultation with LIMAP, approved the budget, giving the commission the green light to proceed with its mandate of delivering a free, fair and transparent process.

The commission is not armed with the authority to ensure that voter education, voter registration, and maximum publicity are carried out to satisfy the definition of free, fair and transparent process as required by the constitution of LIMAP.

According to Chairman King Mohammed Kamara, the election has automatically become a special election due to the fact that it was not held on time.


However, he said that he and his team will ensure that transparency is the haw-mark of the process. The LIMAP special election chairman said that the commission is now working on publishing the election guidelines. He told the LIMAP community to reassure that his team is up to the task of delivering a peaceful election to the community.


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