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Erasmus Elected Chairman / OLM Braces for New Opportunities

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Brooklyn Park, Minn. – The Organization of Liberians in Minnesota has elected Erasmus Williams as chairman of the board of directors.  Erasmus,  a long time member of the board, yesterday nominated himself for the position.

Erasmus T. Williams, newly elected Chairman, OLM Board of Directors

Erasmus T. Williams, newly elected Chairman, OLM Board of Directors

Community members at the program.

Community members at the program.

The organization’s headquarters located on the corners of Brooklyn Boulevard and Kentucky Avenue, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, was expected to be heavily occupied by Liberians but to the contrary  it was virtually empty.

It is not clear why community members failed to show up as expected, but in most cases, those who failed to participate usually criticize officials for doing nothing or less.

The electoral process which began with nomination of candidates,  and statements of intent appears to be credible. Before his election as chairman, Erasmus posited that OLM has suffered for too long, and that members need to prioritize the nonprofit status of OLM.

He noted that distribution of food to elderly people in the community, reactivating OLM’s computer lab and providing scholarships to students in Minnesota and Liberia are programs he would undertake as chairman.

Also elected are Sizi Goyah, co-chair of the board of directors and Victoria Peabody, treasurer. Sizi told the gathering that his primary goal is to ensure that officials of OLM follow rules and regulations governing them.  On like previous community leaders, Goyah promised not to hold OLM hostage. Goyah also said, “I will take politics out of OLM.”

For her part, Victoria Peabody vowed to work with the Executive Director, Mamadee Sesay, and other board members in moving the organization forward. She disclosed that in the discharge of her new function as treasurer, she anticipates no regret. Victoria, together with other elected members thanked the community for entrusting them.

The primary purpose of the organization is to function as a non-profit to assist Liberians residing in the State of Minnesota, but it’s affairs in the past had been marred by politics and tribalistic views. In most instances, officials are not elected based on qualifications, but tribal affiliations; this including internal corruption has in the past crippled the forward movement of the organization.

Since the appointment of Mamadee Sesay as executive director, OLM has begun to attract some community dwellers. The election of three new board members, Abraham Bah, Sizi Goyah, and Deayan Jarry-Osterhout is expected to bring reformation to the largest Liberian organization within the State of Minnesota.

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