Friday 19th January 2018,

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Elder Ayouba Bility on a fresh edition of the Mandingo News and Program

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Elder Ayouba Bility

Elder Ayouba Bility

This edition features the death of elder, Mohammed Bility of Minnesota who died on October 27, 2013 in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

Producer Lassana Bamba interviews the head of the Bility family from Philadelphia. In the interview, the head of the Bility family, Mr. Ayouba Bility tells the Mandingo News and Program his impression about the Minnesota Mandingo community.


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  • My man Bamba. U made my day this morning. I really enjoyed ur talk show this morning before going to work. U really know mandingo. I copy u. I will listen to ur show every morning. great show

    Its Famoh S. Toure from Concord, New Hampshire.

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